Today: January 18 2019
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Orthodox clergy took up arms against the Greek authorities

Orthodox clergy took up arms against the Greek authorities

Tags: Religion, Orthodoxy, Greece

Greek Metropolitans accused the politicians of the country of trying to destroy the Orthodox faith, reports the agency Romfea.

"The authorities overthrow the spiritual foundations of society and are trying to transform the eternal institutional values.Their ultimate goal is to impose the status of secular and godless state on Orthodox Greece," said Metropolitan Nicholas of Fitida.

He believes that under the pretext of protecting the rights of sexual minorities, the Greek authorities want to "limit and weaken the Church." Recall that in 2015 in Greece legalized same-sex marriages, that caused outrage from the Orthodox clergy.

"The political elite of the country in its majority prefers that Greece was godless state, and the Church remained only a cultural and historical factor," he stressed.

In turn, Metropolitan Nektarii of Kerkyra blamed politicians for unleashing a civil war. "A variety of foreign decision-making centers with the connivance of people who are Greeks only by name, but not by actions, try to uproot the Orthodox faith, rewrite history and replace the Greek language." This war is committed because they hate Greece - the country that gave the light of civilization to the European peoples, "the hierarch believes.

Previously, the Orthodox clergy of Greece accused the deputies of the country's parliament of violating the rights of believers, as they called obscurantist protests against the law on cremation. Most of the inhabitants of Greece profess Orthodoxy. The constitution of the country states that it is "the ruling religion in Greece."

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