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Greek Orthodox Metropolitan of predicted complete disappearance

Demographic catastrophe awaits Greece in the coming years, putting the country's existence under threat, said the hierarch of the Greek Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Dimitriadskiy Ignaty. priest quoted by the Greek Orthodox Agency Vimaorthodoxias.

"Our demographers say that in 2030, the population of Greece will be 8 million people at the same time, the population will reach neighboring Turkey 100 million and Albania -. 16 million people we are faced with a national catastrophe.!" - the Metropolitan said.

According to him, the demographic crisis is not only socio-economic reasons, but also spiritual. Metropolitan sees a threat to increase the number of abortions in the country, declaring "the devaluation of maternity institution and human desecration." The Church, he said, is trying to solve this problem for many years. In particular, in all the dioceses of the Church of Greece are free kindergartens.

"Demographic national problem endangers the existence of Greece in the coming years ... Let's do our best to solve it before it is too late.", - concluded the Metropolitan.

Europe is experiencing the most serious since the Second World War migration crisis, caused primarily by a number of armed conflicts and economic problems in the Middle East and North Africa.

A source: RIA News

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