Today: December 14 2018
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The death-days of Europe. Part I

The death-days of Europe. Part I

Tags: Europe, EU, Politics, Opinions, West

Well, I still can not believe that this is the end?

1. The painful Russian indifference to the migrant invasion of Europe is a clear evidence of our European self-identity.

We can swear Europe, correct and despise - we can envy and suffer, not being able to fit into its prosperity. But it firmly exists in our subconscious as a safe alternative world - giving faith and hope that a better life is real, there is something to drag on; theoretically there is much to escape to a good life. This is the world of white Christians, we have with him one idea of ​​life and human relations.

We have one literature, one painting and music, one philosophy and science, one technological progress, fashion, beauty canons and ideas of good and evil. And even letters, and even ceremonies of weddings and funerals. One God.

We are a single cultural and ideological space. And contradictions - so the European countries fought much more among themselves, rather than Russia with any of them.

Speech today about the invasion of our world.

2. Optimists believe that the old Europe is coughing and digesting, has seen and not such: after all, there are not so many refugees in the 500 millions of a prosperous European population.

And - yes: to feed today's quantity is not a problem. It's the look of an honest or malicious idiot.

The enormity and unsolvable complexity of the problem of migrants is by no means the current crowd.

This is the army of the invasion. Its avant-garde.

They go here not to be digested - by no means! - they come here to digest Europe. Gastric juice is already injected into the doomed body.

The last stage of the decline of Europe is now here - before our eyes. And social processes develop exponentially. The peak of the prosperity of civilization is replaced by a collapse with surprising speed - historians know.

The reason is not in migrants. And in the decayed brain of Europe.

3. To understand what is happening - you need to look at the immediate sources.

And this is the cultural revolution of bitterness, 50-s of the USA. A bunch of homosexuals and drug addicts with antisocial views and creative inclinations formulated the ethics and aesthetics of the counterculture. Three cult figures - Alec Ginsberg, William Burroughs, Jack Kerouac. Dirty sex, dirty mate, dirty fantasies, dirty losers are loafers, and damn this society in which I am unhappy.

(In this society - all the opportunities for prosperity: but these people with a sick psyche, with dislocated brains, see the only way to establish themselves, young and come: to shit everyone on their heads and blame their spiritual inferiority.)

But! Life is movement, this is change! And the traditional aesthetics and ideology of culture were in crisis, rested in exhaustion, greatness and perfection were already achieved in the past - and then what? But art is the creation of a new! And every young generation demands - a new one!

We will change your society - we will destroy it.

4. The great revolution of the hippies 1968 in the US and France canonized the counterculture.

Horseradish is only art! .. Down with the bourgeois culture! That is: down with a career and generally honest work, down with patriotism (the war in Vietnam is bored), down with a hypocritical family with its fidelity and betrayals, down with rich bloodsuckers and social inequality. And most importantly - down with any prohibitions to do everything that a person wants and enjoys. There will be brotherhood and happiness.

To smoke grass, to fuck and play the saxophone. Nothing to do: Buddhism!

The mold of the satiated civilization went into growth.

5. In 1962, the black James Meredith was enrolled in the University of Mississippi with the personal participation of President Kennedy.

Several thousand soldiers and national guards guarded the route of his first visit to the class; in the riots, two were killed and four hundred wounded. In 1965 emerged the "Black Panthers" with their radical black-racist wing. In 1967, Martin Luther King was shot dead.

And only in the 70-ies of the twentieth century rights of white and black Americans were really equalized. The fighters for justice won.

But. If the process has begun, it can not be stopped. Let's go further!

6. It is not the place to give a description of the Frankfurt School of Philosophy and to expound the essence of the views of Horkheimer, Adorno and its other pillars.

Trying to summarize the general result: for decades of tireless activity of prominent thinkers - university professors and youth of the West imbued with the left socialist views of "neo-revolutionism."

The destruction of the bourgeois state with its institutions and morality was philosophically justified and morally welcomed! And since there is no proletariat in the consumer society with its progressive essence, the advanced force of the revolution is advanced youth and marginalized people.

We will stop the bourgeois exploitation of man by man and arrange a just fraternal hostel for free people. The morals of the fathers are hypocritical, their culture is hypocritical, their laws suffocate a man - and above all the legitimate natural human right to pleasure. Pleasure is and is the happiness and meaning of history.

7. And in 1971, the epoch-making book, the bible of political philosophy, "The Theory of Justice" by John Rawls, is published.

The practical consequence of this multi-page work was the practical introduction into the brains and practice of the second part of the second principle of justice by Rolza. Namely: the redistribution of values ​​in the state should be made in favor of the poor through alienation from the poor. Roughly speaking (no one to fall and do not swear at math!): From each according to his abilities - each according to his needs. Well, in real and reasonable limits. Here is a vulgar and communistic thesis, which we used to eat at social studies lessons in Soviet high school. But here it was filed in the frame of a mass of scientific arguments and arguments.

You understand: social relations should be like in a family where the strong and rich take care of weak and not earning children, or sick brothers, and so on. Without demanding return - but out of love and humanity.

And the intellectuals of the West have respected themselves for understanding these views and their practical application. Sincerely believing: this is true, intelligent and good.

8. Parasites and parasites of all stripes howled with happiness.

Satisfaction of their needs at the expense of hard workers has received not only the force of law - but the strength of the moral maxim! Free: apartment, education, medicine, food stamps, humanitarian clothing - and cash allowance! And what the fuck's work? Forced labor - a vile belch of totalitarianism.

You plow? Well, pay taxes, you bastard! And I deserve help.

Psychology of personality, and in general, and psychology of social justice theory, Rawls did not want to take into account. Blessed Manilovism was feasible in an era of extremely efficient production and overproduction.

Workers were furious with the need to keep brazen parasites. They explained that this is the law, and they should be kinder and more humane; ashamed, gentlemen, toilers! it's because your brothers suck your juices.

9. And in 1969, on the wave of racial and youth unrest, on the wave of the cultural, moral and ideological revolution of the West, New York gay men fought in their bar with policemen.

And very quickly formalized themselves as marginalized, oppressed, a minority on the principle of sexual orientation. That is: an object of sympathy for people of advanced views. You give a fight for equality!

Homosexuals were beaten in history a lot, but only that fight took place at a momentous historical moment. Sodom and Gomorrah promised the Lord that he would not get away with it!

The movement of homosexuals, submitted as the struggle of the oppressed minority for their rights, was perfectly blended with the counterculture, the anti-bourgeois counter-morale, the struggle for the rights of the individual to all pleasures and assistance to the oppressed as the principle of justice. For apologists of the "new thinking" attitude towards homosexuals has become a litmus test: are you for freedom and human rights - or not?

Wherein. In the 70-s the blue fought for the right not to serve in the army. In 2000-e - on the contrary, for the right to serve. In 70-e fought in general against marriage. Then they achieved legalization of same-sex marriages. Most importantly, they achieved that first the American Association of Psychiatrists, and then the World Health Society, after lengthy debates and voting, excluded the homosexuality from the list of mental pathologies by a minimal excess of votes and was recognized as the "norm option".

10. Aggressive feminism fights against any discrimination against women: for the right to serve in the army, to pursue a career, to represent proportionately in the governing bodies and raise the bar.

The image of an independent woman is propagated, giving birth to one child by the age of forty. The "child-free" movement asserts a model of full-fledged life in general without children.


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