Today: December 11 2018
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The death-days of Europe. Part II

The death-days of Europe. Part II

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(First part)

Well, I still can not believe that this is the end?

11. Marriage is not necessary at all, it's a bourgeois cage for free people! We live with anyone who wants to and while it wants - it's just morally.

The disintegration of the family begins, the number of illegitimate children is growing: soon there will be more than half of them in Scandinavia.

The spousal cohabitation of a single mother with the father of their children is economically more profitable for both, especially if one or both of them are unemployed. This is the state system of benefits, taxes and benefits. In fact: the state financially encourages the disintegration of the family.

12. And in general - life has become richer and easier, more pleasures, and the desire to live for yourself. Two children in the family become the norm, and often one.

Fertility falls sharply! European people no longer reproduce themselves - their numbers are declining.

END OF DEATH. Without wars, epidemic and hunger. And just give birth to reluctance. (The last time it happened was with the decline and end of the Roman Empire.)

EXCEPTIONAL CULTURE. That's what we came to. With all our equalities, freedoms, values ​​and principles.

13. And in parallel! parallel! with all these kinds of equality! and not simply - but "preferential" equality! there was political repentance.

For the other, the smaller, the weaker, the poor, the oppressed, had the right to have fraternal assistance and the love of the strong, and especially before their oppressed. And yesterday's colonialists began to tear their hair and vying to try to make good for the former colonized. And they began to take them to their homes, settle, give citizenship and provide for everyone. And it was forbidden to remember that two hundred years ago illiterate savages ate each other and sold them into slavery, which would have been done today, if not for the damned colonialists ...

For some thirty years - and the lovely inhabitants of Africa and other Pakistani cities with the Algerians have turned areas and whole cities into garbage dumps and are not going to get off freebies, terrorizing the stupidly "indigenous people".

But! They need help - these are our brothers, deprived of their destiny!

14. There are two errors here.

The first is most thoroughly shown in Richard Lynn's book Evolution. Race. Intelligence". The book is replete with terrible statistical tables. With terrible data. If the average IQ is European, white, I mean - 100, then. China, Japan, South Korea - 105. Africans - 70, Arabs and African Americans - 85. The figures are averaged, in the book everything is divided in detail by country, age and social groups, with comments and reservations.

After such a book, the author should be judged on the article "Fascism, racism, deception". But grief in the other. These numerous statistical calculations - have never been refuted by anyone. They can not be read! They can not be mentioned! Everyone who pomyanet - also a fascist! But the data is not refuted ...

Note: the author is white. Chinese-Japanese Koreans are smarter than whites. And - they do not cause social unrest anywhere. Pashut. Do not rebel. Normal people.

... At the level of large numbers - according to the "theory of justice" the more intelligent will give something less intelligent. Always.

About labor motivation and ethics of some ethnic minorities, their psychology of labor relations - we generally remain silent.

15. The second error.

In the ecstasy of gracious self-deception, tolerant sociologists decided to identify people politically correct - exclusively by citizenship. Are all equal in the state? - Once in America, all Americans, then in England, all the British, in France all the French.

But. The person is identified by a number of aspects: gender, age, profession, income, place of residence, nationality, religion, skin color, country of residence. I. "Citizen of Great Britain" - this is citizenship. Citizenship as a legal concept. And the "Englishman" is belonging to the people: his language, culture, history, the dissolution in him, the identification of himself as his product and part. Traditions, customs and habits are yours, your only family. Citizenship can be at least five - for money and communications. And you have one people.

"Dominant self-identification" - I introduced this concept. This is when "our Yorkshire guys" who blew up the London Underground were not yours! They - had the citizenship of your country. But there were - at first Muslims, then Pakistanis, and only then citizens of Great Britain. Pakistani Muslims blew up pagan infidels, among whom lived. And it was not fucking to let them live and consider them "their own". Fools and beat in the altar.

Islam proclaims the unity of all Muslims - opposing the "infidels". The attitude of Islam to the infidels is flexible and when need is all.

You can flee from your nobility, believing an Islamic migrant to be your poor brother. (And they blush! ..) But his brothers are Muslims, and he condescends to your relations for his own good.

16. In the self-hypnosis of their political fantasies, the Americans and the West in general decided that democracy is the best political structure of society. And their duty is to help all to achieve happiness and abundance, which is possible only through building democracy.

Clever clever, but a fool, said Major Pronin.

As there is no single best medicine for all diseases, a single best meal for fatty and dystrophic, the best home for the tropics and tundra, there is not and can not be one better political arrangement for all peoples at all times and under all conditions. Different forms of democracy, aristocracy and authoritarianism can be optimal for different conditions.

The attempt to introduce a Western model of democracy in Russia was a great help to her rampant and unprecedented plunder.

The attempt to introduce democracy in the totalitarian states of the Near and Middle East - logically and inevitably led to bloody anarchy. Greater evil. For. Only a strong and cruel ruler could keep the tribes and peoples of his country in peace and obedience. Only an armed hand recognize above themselves the heterogeneous formations, to which the Europeans cut the borders of states after the destruction of the Ottoman Empire and decolonization.

As a steak can kill dystrophy, how the atmospheric pressure can kill a diver - so democracy can kill people standing on tribal level and possessing tribal consciousness.

Well, they ran. Especially invited to Europe.

17. Democracy in Europe has clearly rotted since the Hungarian prostitute and "porn actress" in 1979, was scandalously elected to the Italian parliament, flaunting her profession (and remained in Italian politics for a quarter of a century).

18. The dignity of Europe is clearly absent from the 2002 year, when Palestinian terrorists seized the Church of the Nativity of Christ, taking the monks as hostages.

Many days there were negotiations, the topic of blasphemy was not raised, none of the terrorists were harmed - they were released and even sheltered in Europe. Imagine a mirror situation - Christian terrorists captured the mosque in Mecca. How many Christian pogroms would the Muslims in the world do in response?

19. The instinct of self-preservation refused to Europe, when the death penalty was abolished even for the most terrible murderers - the life of assassins is guaranteed in advance, whatever they do.

20. The will to win has left Europe from the time when a handful of terrorists dare to make demands to the state - blackmailing it with hostage life.

Instead of threatening to destroy all partners, friends, relatives and close terrorists in response, that always is always in history! - guaranteed the desired result, the state shamefully wags its tail and reprimands the conditions, releasing from the prisons of the murderers that were previously captured (which should have been shot at once).

Instead of sinking "Somali pirates" on the spot - one hand-gun on the ship - the West chats and takes them to "europrints", if anyone can catch them; and so the ransom pays.

Instead of shooting at the earliest opportunity all the terrorists-members of IGIL, and throwing out of the country everyone who is suspected of terrorism by terrorists - intellectuals are speculating how to get our citizens back into society.


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