Today: December 15 2018
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The death-days of Europe. Part III

The death-days of Europe. Part III

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Well, I still can not believe that this is the end?

21. Reason left Europe when, after the London metro bombings, Queen Elizabeth made a promise that "terrorists will not be able to force us to give up our values."

By "values" one should understand the readiness to continue to accept, take to the maintenance and protect the Islamic migrants, despising the English and cynically using them.

But migrants already require Christians to give up their values: do not celebrate Christmas, do not sell alcohol and pork, do not go swimming in the beach and do not sunbathe in the parks - and angrily demand!

22. "Multiculturalism" and "xenophobia" - the invention of illiterate idiots, inflated with good intentions.

These concepts in principle reject the society as a system - and man as an organic component in the unity of society. This is a stubborn intention to atomise and disunite the society, where the connections between people are reduced to mutual love and mutual assistance. This is a denial of the social organism and an attempt to replace it with a hybrid. Fold the creature from the head of the lion, the legs of the deer, the trunk of the elephant and the peacock's tail. Chimera.

But. The society is a human system, where everyone knows what to expect from another; where the rules of the hostel are unified, traditions and habits are one. A hostel is a single idea of ​​holidays and everyday life, imperatives and taboos, cuisine and leisure, clothing and humor: this is a common habitat where unpleasant and incomprehensible surprises await a person.

Man is one with the environment - material and information, biological and social.

Society is a cultural unity. No other way.

Inocultural groups, positioned as equals - inevitably seek to change the country according to their views - or spit on it and simply enjoy the benefits.

Fused by religious brotherhood and mutual responsibility, ethnic communities often terrorize the "civilized" Christian majority that sheltered them.

The stranger is a stressful factor, he is annoying: one must be on our guard so that no one offends anyone, does not take the red line: your ideas of courtesy and cowardice, kindness and weakness, acceptable and unacceptable, are often different.

Your people, with whom you are one, have mastered and protected this land and live here by your own rules. And when a migrant, not related to your history, not sharing the views and rules of your people, confirms his life in your country according to someone else's rules - while declaring himself as a full-fledged master like you - it destroys the social essence of the people, contradicts the social the instinct of every member of it.

Any aggression of a migrant towards an aborigine is perceived as the aggression of an alien ethnos to your own - on your own land! And the behavior of a number of people professing Islam is extremely aggressive and conflictful.

23. The old question is: is tolerance necessary in relation to one who is intolerant of you? And use you before the time?

Most Muslims take seriously the thought of the future creation of the World Caliphate.

Already in a number of European cities - up to a million Birmingham - Muslim schoolchildren are more than indigenous. Another ten to fifteen years - and the Islamic majority will create Shariah zones.

And it will be retribution!

They will show you gay parades that offend their feelings! You'll jump ahead of their own asses! Rejoice, if you live at home under the blanket at night.

They will show you feminism, child-fries and shorts on the street! Skirt to the ground, marry - and keep quiet until the man asked!

They will show you the rockers in their trousers! That's what will be cut off - there really will not be anything more to grow!

They will show you free sex, fast and secure! The choice will be to score with stones or sell to a brothel.

Allah has no minorities and most - all live according to His covenants, revealed to us by the Prophet (hallowed by His name!) - or in general should not live!

In the meantime, we live in your homes and eat your bread: work for us, unfaithful.

24. They go to Europe - after them there remain crooked squares and destroyed trains: they were fed and transported for free.

The majority are strong young men. Their number can be multiplied by ten. They will receive a residence permit, they will write to themselves parents and brothers, marry and give birth to children.

That's how the old song revives: "Tremble, decrepit bones!" (By the way, Uncle Yasser Arafat, Mufti of Jerusalem, kept Hitler on the wall and was adopted by Himmler in the SS office.)

25. The migrant shatters the head of the owner exactly to the extent that the owner allows him.

Today, a tolerant European is afraid to make a remark to a migrant, he is afraid of somehow offending a guest-heterodox-well, it's his own fault that he is despised and terrorized.

Not migrants will finish Europe.

"EUROPEAN VALUES" POINTS EUROPE. They are like an overdose of morphine, when an excess of buzz plunges the body into the sweet sleep of death.

26. The way out is not only in strictly observing the quota and prohibiting illegal migration.

Only a rigid assimilation of visitors can save our world. Tolerance is acceptable, only while visitors do not replace you.

27. The admission of ten million European Christians as refugees would not have been a problem for present-day Europe, but only a matter of everyday and temporary.

European politicians with a mixture of stupidity and hypocrisy do not want to admit that the problem is precisely in someone else's aggressive and wry stare.

Prometheus recovered and matched so much that he decided to feed all his vultures with his liver, and they are happy to wait for the whole body to have enough.

28. When self-defense is called fascism, it means that wolves are in power in sheep's clothing. Their speeches are sheep-and the teeth of death are getting closer.

Fascism was replaced by an amazing form of anti-fascism. If fascism sought to destroy other peoples - then modern anti-fascism seeks to destroy its people, including with the help of strangers. If fascism solved its tasks with weapons and blood - then modern anti-fascism (neo-antifascism) solves its tasks with caress and chocolate. But the result is achieved killer! The effectiveness of the method would have delighted the fathers of fascism! Gently and scrupulously suppressing resistance up to any dissent, neo-antifascism conducts the genocide of its own people - explaining to the people that this is his happiness and freedom. The people disappear physically - under the hymn to freedom and human rights. The creator of the Jesuit Order would have died of envy.

29. I.e. It's not about the dominance of migrants - but in the self-imposed impotence of Europe. Force to the fig - but spirit, will, passion - no.

The dominant counterculture is only a faster reflection of the collapse of civilization (as it was at all times).

Today's disintegration of morality is the ideological breakdown of civilization, behind which the disintegration of the real, political-economic (and so it was at all times), quickly and inevitably follows.

And when Europe forces itself, forcing itself, makes its own peoples, in every way suppressing their instinct for self-preservation, where it still exists, self-replace by migrants - forgiving them rudeness, aggressiveness, arrogance, not daring to hurt their grown-up self-esteem, preferring their interests to the interests of their citizens - not according to the citizens' passport , but in life, culture, fate - it's all just the reification of the call of death; craving for self-destruction.

The destruction of culture, the destruction of morality, the destruction of the family, the encouragement of parasites, the equalization of perversions with the norm, the absolutization of personal well-being and pleasure above all - and as a result of physical extinction - in this all Muslims in general and Muslim migrants in particular were not guilty in the least.

30. Who is determined to die - that can not be helped.

We love and appreciate not the current impotent European freaks - but their great ancestors, who created the most beautiful, powerful and majestic civilization in human history.

The next few years will bring the final result: Europe will die with its disfigured view of the world, which it calls "European values," and will become Islamic - or else will find the strength to send this nonsense further away.

In the meantime, Muslim refugees are going to finish it.

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