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Prime Tsipras of Greece opened the discussion on the future of Europe

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras believes that the future of the European Union is in crisis should be discussed in an open dialogue, and that any decision should be made in accordance with the conditions, rules and procedures currently in force in the European Union.

Tsipras Future of Europe has devoted an article "Europe" a lot of speed, "or" multiple-choice "?", Published on Monday in the "Newspaper editors" ( "Efimerida sintakton tone"). This article Tsipras opened the discussion on the future of the EU.

"The fact that the European Union today is in crisis benchmarks should not be a surprise to us, or come as a surprise in recent years, European integration has been verified by two crises, economic and migration, and the conclusions are not at all encouraging." - Wrote Prime Minister of Greece, faced order and other crises.

"The policy of austerity and hard budget constraints increase the distance and speed between European economies and further aggravated the problem of social cohesion. On the other hand, the refugee crisis intensified the trend of xenophobia and Euroscepticism in a conservative society, politically strengthened right-wing populism and, of course, experienced the unity, cohesion and the authority of the Union in the implementation of joint commitments and decisions ", - said Tsipras.

According to him, economic and geopolitical uncertainty is enhanced both by Brexit effects, and "events on the other side of the Atlantic", a critical choice in major European countries this year, create an atmosphere of growing concern not only for the future and the nature of the EU, but for the very EU existence.

"In this context, legitimately open dialogue and courage to take decisions, - said Tsipras -. The debates are, but of course, in the beginning, but given the circumstances, it is expected that they will go fast."

In his view, the declaration of the Member States of the "ever closer union" has lost its strength and content, and increasingly dominated by a tendency in Europe "by choice", in which each seeks to maximize profit, to participate in the single market, structural funds, but contribute to make selectively. In the example of Tsipras leads the refusal of some states to accept refugees and the construction of fences and closed borders.

"The undermining of solidarity between the partners is a worrying indicator of the level and quality of European unity is no less troubling was the manifestation in many countries, strengthening the extreme right and isolationism, confirming a huge crisis of confidence of broad social groups in relation to the European model." - Says Tsipras.

However, in his opinion, it is necessary to think well, there will be "multi-speed Europe" the answer to this apparent weakness. Tsipras compares the EU with climbers, reaching in a bundle with equal speed. But out of the bunch does not mean more freedom, says the prime minister.

According to him, if you want to define the current situation, it is better not to talk about Europe, "a lot of speed," and of "selecting multiple" that will provide an open, democratic and coherent European Union.

"First of all, any discussion in this direction and especially every decision must be taken within the framework of the conditions, rules and procedures currently in force in the European Union, and also on the basis, as provided for in the Lisbon the treaty, which is currently the "constitution" of the EU, "the article says. Secondly, further deepening in specific areas of policy should begin with the current level of cooperation, where it exists, and there should be no deviation. "We must give up all thoughts about the breaking of such institutions as the euro and the Schengen zone," Tsipras writes.

"Third, we must abandon any idea of ​​the closed" club "of strong, with its internal rules, of which exclude any, as well as the need to keep the idea of ​​a solid core of the euro area, around which the rest of the country will be obliged to move as satellites. Any the level of enhanced cooperation should be open and free access to all Member States, "- said Tsipras. Fourthly, it is necessary to prevent the weakening of Europe's political cohesion and convergence, he said.

According to the prime minister, the Greek people that were at the center of both economic and migratory crisis and has issued a disproportionate burden "in the name of Europe," has the right to play a leading role in the debate on Europe's future.

"The road we have to follow this road that leads to a democratic and social Europe of the Other." Clean way "into the future does not exist", - concludes Tsipras.

A source: RIA News

Author: Gennady Melnik

Tags: Greece, Tsipras, Politics, EU