Today: December 11 2018
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Cypriot President will arrive with an unplanned visit to Athens

Cypriot President will arrive with an unplanned visit to Athens

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Cyprus President Nikos Anastasiadis hold a meeting on Thursday on the Cyprus issue with the leaders of political parties and then travel for consultations with the Greek government in Athens.

Visit is connected with the development of the final text of the joint statement of the parties of the Cyprus conflict, told reporters, government spokesman Cyprus Christos Stylianidis.

Anastasiadis talks with Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece Evangelos Venizelos held on Friday.

A new round of talks between Greek and Turkish communities of Cyprus can not start because of disagreements over the content of the joint statement, which must precede the start of negotiations. The representative of the Cyprus government has refused to talk in detail about the joint communique, noting that this "very sensitive moment" controversy and publicity may hinder negotiations.

On the question of whether the parties are close to an agreement on a joint communiqué Stylianidis said that his statement "accurately reflects the facts." "I talked about the finalization of the existing joint statement. As I said earlier, to the solution of the Cyprus problem at the same time we can be very close and very far away. One word can often change everything. Therefore, we believe that now need to be consulted on the level of political leaders and with Athens, "- said the representative of the government.

Cyprus is de facto divided since 1974, when Turkey took the status of one of the guarantors of Cyprus' independence as a pretext for a military invasion in response to a coup d'état on the island. Now more than a third of the northern part of the island is occupied, it proclaims the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Negotiations between the Greek and Turkish communities on the reunification of Cyprus are conducted with the mediation of the United Nations. In the spring of 2012, negotiations were interrupted, they were to be resumed in the autumn of 2013, but due to disagreements on the joint communique they are constantly postponed.

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