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Cyprus President: The settlement on the island is the prospect of the whole country

On the need to continue the search for a Cyprus settlement problems Reshin said Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades in an interview CNN.gr.

"This will open up new prospects for both sides," - said the president.

After continuous 22 months of intensive negotiations, as well as numerous consultations on technical issues, the dialogue was interrupted. Meeting Akinci and Anastasiadis, dedicated to a Cyprus settlement and held 16 February was foiled. Surprisingly for the present, Akinci left the audience without explanation. The participants discussed the issue of the referendum 1950 years, as well as the decision of the Parliament of Cyprus to celebrate the anniversary of this event in schools.

"I do not associate timing problem solution to reunify the island and his time as president. The solution should meet the interests of the two communities and obtain the approval of the people of Cyprus through a referendum, "- said Anastasiadis.

When asked about the reason for which was interrupted by dialogue, he said that this was due to Ankara out of the negotiation process: "The reluctance of Turkey to continue negotiations can not be justified on the pretext presented by Ankara".

The president once again declared its readiness to resume the dialogue: "We are determined and are sincerely willing to continue the search for a just, reasonable and viable solutions. You can not talk about winners and losers, we are talking about the new prospects for the people of Cyprus. "

"I want to believe that our relationship with Mustafa Akinci not be changed after the fact", - said the leader of Cyprus. "We did a great job, and despite the difficulties and the delicacy of the issue, were able to make significant progress. And we were both working for the good of our country and our people. "

According Anastasiadis, tension between Turkey and Greece also has negative consequences. "Of course, the Greek-Turkish conflict has a negative impact on Cyprus. After all, to solve this kind of problem you need to establish good and friendly relations between all the countries involved in the negotiation process. And I hope that after the referendum on amendments to the constitution to introduce a presidential form of government, which will be held in Turkey in April, we will resume talks on a Cyprus settlement ", - added the President concluded.

A source: newsbomb

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