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The president, who promises that are not fulfilled Poroshenko

The president, who promises that are not fulfilled Poroshenko

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Last Tuesday, Petro Poroshenko said: "within days or maybe hours," the European Commission will give the European Parliament and the Council a legislative proposal to provide the citizens of Ukraine visa-free regime with the EU.

The next day, Wednesday, it really happened. It would seem that it is said - done. So it is, unless you consider that more or less the exact date of the end point in the visa-free dialogue Poroshenko last week called the first time. And not the second time.

The propensity of the Ukrainian president to operate specific dates fulfill its promises has long been drawn to the attention of observers. On the one hand, it is certainly commendable - Declaration of the President in this case does not appear abstract populism. On the other - what to do when the president called the period has already passed, and his promises have remained unfulfilled?

Are there many such promises? Ukraine Air Force analyzed several hundreds of speeches and statements by the president and attracted at least some of these declarations.

Without visas in 2015

Thus, the theme of the abolition of visas in the EU Poroshenko raised literally on the first day of his presidency.

Already in his inaugural speech 7 June 2014 he said: "We have completed the first phase (visa-free dialogue with the EU - Ed.). And very able to quickly complete the second that from January 2015 Ukrainians have had the opportunity to travel (in the EU - Ed.). without a visa. "

We promised this (visa-free regime -. Ed.) To our fellow citizens in 2015 year and, though defeated, and the promise must be fulfilled
Petro Poroshenko, December 2014

Even then, experts pointed out that the fulfillment of this promise, the newly elected president is unrealistic.

Toward the end of the year, and this understanding has come to the most Poroshenko.

"We need to accelerate the way of the introduction of visa-free dialogue with the EU", - he said in early December in the Verkhovna Rada.

"We have promised it to our fellow citizens in 2015 year and, although defeated, and the promise must be fulfilled ... Already at the Riga summit (" Eastern Partnership. "- Ed.) In May-month (2015 years -. Ed.) Should be taken the decision on visa-free regime for Ukrainian citizens with the European Union ", - he said.

However, and "the Riga summit" expected "victory" has not brought the Ukrainians.

But the president's statement last week hit the bull's-eye, and now observers can more or less predict the specific date for the introduction of visa-free regime for Ukrainians. Poroshenko is does not.

"I am selling of Roshen"

Another byword - a story about the sale of Petro Poroshenko their business.

For the first time, he promised to get rid of their assets before the presidential election: in early April 2014 years.

As the undisputed leader of the electoral ratings, in a situation where the election intrigue was only in the first round Poroshenko becomes president or the second, in an interview with the German newspaper Bild, he said: "If I am elected president of Ukraine, I will play fair and selling Concern Roshen . on the president, I want and I will take care only about the welfare of Ukraine. "

As time went on, he became president Poroshenko, and news about the sale of his business have been reported.

Almost a year after the inauguration of the BBC, he admitted: "for business customers there."

First Poroshenko promised to sell his business assets, then said their transfer in "blind trust"

"I think that maybe in a few weeks will reveal some important information in this regard", - the president added to the conversation.

It took another four months, and a panel discussion YES summit the president asked about the news of the sale of the business again.

"I'm pretty sure that you will soon receive a new and important news", - he skazaltogda.

Prior to the application of Poroshenko "blind trust" for his "Roshena" it was still four months. Prior to the presidential scandal offshore - nearly three.

"ATO last hours"

Unfulfilled promise of Poroshenko, which remember, probably most - quickly finish the anti-terrorist operation, - in fact it was made have not as president.

The word "anti-terrorist operation can not and will not last two or three months. It must and will go on the clock," he said on the night after the presidential election, 2014, after the announcement of results of exit polls, when he was virtually assured of victory.

Less remembered an earlier statement Poroshenko. In April 2014 years, meeting with students of the Kharkiv Law University, he promised to "quickly and efficiently" to improve relations with Russia.

"For three months I bring to relations with Russia were normalized," he -zayavil.

On the night after the presidential election, Petro Poroshenko said that the ATO will last not months, and watch

In June 2014, the President announced his intention to sign a decree about the cease-fire for a week.

"I will sign a decree on the cease-fire for a week Those who during the week did not disarm, must be destroyed." - He stated.

Order of the cease-fire Poroshenko actually gave - on the same day. Soon, however, hostilities resumed in Donbas. Insurgents self-proclaimed "republics", which do not lay down their arms, contrary to the President, not destroyed.

On the "defining" point in the conflict in the Donbass, and the president said in October 2014-th, introducing the new head of Lugansk region Gennady Moskal.

"Next week will be decisive seems to be with the Russians, we all agreed to what extent these agreements are sincere, next week will show.." - Then said Poroshenko.

Despite the fact that there are no critical military and political point of view, the events in Donbass during the next week did not happen today after the fact it is difficult to say what then actually "agreed".

Martial law

Comments President concerning the operational situation in the ATO zone is not always consistent.

December 5 2014 Poroshenko called the Donetsk airport is a key point of Defense of Ukraine.

"I'm sure that's where we are protecting all of Ukraine: surrender" Donetsk "- the enemy will be in Borispol, or in Gostomel, or in Lviv," - he said at a meeting with the "cyborg".

"We can not give even a meter of our land We shall stand where we stand." - Then said the Defence Minister Stepan Poltorak.

Poroshenko predicted that if the Donetsk airport will fall under the control of the separatists, "the enemy will be in Boryspil, Lviv or Gostomel"

Six weeks later the last Ukrainian soldier left the Donetsk airport.

A February 14 2015, after the signing of the "Minsk II", Poroshenko said that if the provisions of this document will not be established a truce, martial law will be introduced in Ukraine.

"I warned that we need to be if the world will not take a very difficult but necessary decision to impose martial law," - he said at the time.

While this statement continued bloody battles of Debaltsevo, which ultimately resulted in the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops 18 of February and in the transition of the city under the control of "DNR". The question of the imposition of martial law at the level of the highest authorities in Ukraine had not been considered.

"Decisive Steps"

However, these statements by President concerned not only the situation in the ATO, but also quite peaceful aspects of country life.

For incomplete week before last year's local elections, 21 2015 October, Ukraine Petro Poroshenko promised a "new life" is almost next Monday.

"Immediately after the election, I made that never spoke and did not want to speak before the election, but you say, we will have four years without elections, without populism, when, finally, we will be able to demonstrate decisive steps for the development of our state," - he said during a visit to Ivano-Frankivsk.

These are decisive steps to combat corruption, reform of the judicial system, the completion of the reform of the prosecutor's office, serious work on restoration of the economy and investment, he elaborated.

Starting from the next day after the elections, some journalists even tried ironic "count" the number of days going "decisive steps" in the country, but soon he is just tired.

Amber story

Although even then, assessing the president's statement about the "decisive steps", some observers have called attention to the story of his statements about the "amber digger".

Two weeks to give law enforcement officers to eliminate the protection racket in the areas of amber extraction
Petro Poroshenko, July 2015

In early July 2015 Poroshenko paid attention to the problem of illegal amber extraction at a regional meeting with the heads of the power structures in Lviv.

"Two weeks to give law enforcement officers to eliminate the protection racket to amber mining areas", - he said then.

"Put up with this, I'm not going to podedu unguarded on one of three areas -. Zhytomyr, Rivne and Volyn - and show you how and who the roof of iniquity" - threatened Poroshenko.

Next week the president promised that more will be completed in a week "operation to arrest criminals who provide funding underworld illegal extraction of amber."

"Timing is not shifted", - said Poroshenko, referring to its earlier statement.

However, numerous eyewitness accounts and video, which fall into the network, according to: the termination of the illegal extraction of amber in Polesie say no do not have last year, after President expired allotted time, not today.

From Saakashvili to EPP

Similar examples of unrealized promises of the president can find many more.

In March 2015-th Poroshenko in Chernigov declares that it will from now on to appoint governors only people from the local councils of the regions concerned - to exactly two months to appoint the chairman of the Odessa Regional State Administration Mikheil Saakashvili.

In April of the same year the president announced plans to sign an agreement on "open skies" with the EU until the end of 2015-th. And last Friday, Minister of Infrastructure Vladimir Omeljan said that "the last date on which he believes" - July 2016.

Immediately after the local elections, the president said that he expects the parliamentary groups for proposals on nominees to the new composition of the Central Election Commission.

Poroshenko has appointed the former president of Georgia governor of the Odessa region shortly after vowed to appoint regional leaders natives of these areas

"This issue is on the agenda," - Poroshenko said in his address.

It takes six months, during which the inaction of the president even recognize illegal the Supreme Administrative Court, the faction submit their candidacy - according to Olga Aivazovsky from the network supports, before the head of state are 30 candidates - but the corresponding representation in parliament from Bankova not yet followed.

In November 2015-th, immediately after the arrest of the then leader of the resonant Dill Gennady Korban, the president said: "On the Korban no one will stop ... The country should soon hear new names of those who will be brought to justice."

However, as new resonance detentions "in the near future," it never happened.

Unrealized Declaration Poroshenko touch even the party's name.

August 28 2015, speaking at the unification congress of the "Block Petro Poroshenko" and IMPACT, the president, citing his press service, was "convinced that in the near future a united party will be accepted into the ranks of the European People's Party."

Nine months later, 25 March of this year, BPP appealed to the EPP grant him the status of observer in the European political forces.

Coalition and Attorney

More recent history - forecasts Poroshenko on the establishment of the new Ukrainian parliament majority and the election of a new head of government.

"I expect that within a few hours of a new coalition in the Ukrainian parliament and will propose a new candidate for the post of prime minister", - he said 31 March during a visit to Washington.

Speaking in Washington, Poroshenko promised that before the nomination of the new head of government remained a matter of hours. In fact, it occurred after two weeks

Well, if you count the time of this statement before the official nomination of Vladimir Groisman at the premiere of hours, it was more than three hundred hours in the morning 14 April.

The parallel story line - Poroshenko reflections on the theme of introducing them in the prosecutor general nominee Parliament.

"I open the necessary consultations with the parliamentary factions on the nomination of a new Attorney General and I am sure that the next plenary week, we also should not delay, and the country must obtain a new prosecutor general," - Poroshenko said in an interview to Ukrainian TV channels 3 April.

Since then, it's been two plenary weeks, but certainty as to who exactly Poroshenko can make to the Parliament, no. Koalitsianty say, in the best case, the news on the subject will hear country after the May holidays.

Our goal - 2020

That, according to the president, Ukraine can be expected in the near future?

He said last Friday that "in the near future," expect a decision on the direction of the Donbass OSCE police mission.

Last Tuesday at a meeting of the National Council reform Poroshenkozayavil Peter: "In the near future, on Thursday, I hope, will be the first of my meetings with various business communities."

The goal of the ambitious Ukrainian reforms - supply of Kiev application for membership in the EU in the year 2020

However, in fact the whole Thursday the president held an official visit to Romania, so perhaps he will meet with entrepreneurs in other "near future."

And last week, he promised "soon" to make laws in Parliament, which will provide deofshorizatsiyu Ukrainian economy.

As of Friday evening such projects on behalf of the president in the parliament is not fed.

If you talk about more distant plans, then perhaps we should recall the promise given several times Petro Poroshenko in September 2014 years.

"The purpose of our ambitious reforms - to reach European standards of living and to prepare for the fact that in 2020 year to apply for European Union membership bid," - then said at a press conference the president.

However, given that the cadence Poroshenko ends summer 2019 years, it is possible that control the execution of this promise will be the next head of state.

Svyatoslav Khomenko
Air Ukraine
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