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The president declared Monday a day of mourning for those killed in the crash of Tu-154

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced in December 26 national day of mourning for the citizens of Russia, who died on Sunday in the crash of Tu-154 the Ministry of Defense, flying to Syria Air Base Air Force Space Hmeymim Russia.

Search and rescue operations at the crash site of an aircraft in the Black Sea near Sochi continues. Russian law enforcement authorities in the framework of the criminal case explain the reasons and circumstances of the fall of the liner, which killed 92 people.

Russian Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov flew to Sochi for a meeting of the commission in connection with the crash of the Tu-154 and assist relatives of the victims. To help relatives of passengers aboard the Tu-154, in Moscow created an operational headquarters, which deployed a brigade of military psychologists and physicians Russian Ministry of Defense hospitals.

We flew to New Year's greetings

According to a list posted on the site Russian Ministry of Defense, the military board to Syria for New Year concert performances at the airbase flew Hmeymim 64 actor Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the Russian Army named after AV Alexandrov led by its artistic director, Lieutenant-General Valery Khalilov and head of culture department Russian Ministry of Defense Anton Gubankova.

The liner were soldiers, including eight crew members, representatives of the Russian mass media, as well as the executive director of "Fair Aid" Elizaveta Glinka (Dr. Lisa), which was taking medication for a university hospital in the Syrian Latakia.

As reported by RIA Novosti, the press service of "First Channel" Russian television on board the plane were Dmitry ranseur television correspondent, cameraman Vadim Denisov and Alexander soundman get off.

Press service of the TV channel "Star" affirmed that Syria flew correspondent Pavel Obukhov, Alexander Suranov operator and assistant operator Valery Rzhevskiy.

NTV reported that three of its personnel have taken off this special flight: Michael Luzhetsky correspondent, cameraman Oleg Pestov producer Evgeny Tolstov.

More than 20 artists Song and Dance Ensemble Alexandrov still arrived in Syria. "Artists of the ensemble had to fly two military sides More than twenty people on the eve of today's tragedy took off for concert performances and has already arrived in Hmeymim.", - He told RIA Novosti source familiar with the situation.

Known abroad as "Mr. Kalinka" leading soloist Vadim Ananiev, who did not fly on a business trip with the team due to the birth of her third child, said he would go to Syria, along with other artists, had faced a series of performances. According to him, the ensemble had to give in Syria is only one hour concert. As the wife of singer needed help, he asked permission from the head of the ensemble Khalilov and departed, turned out to be a deadly business trip.

Fall after refueling

On the disappearance from the radar screens of the Tu-154, emitted from Sochi, RIA Novosti news agency reported early on Sunday morning the source of emergency services. The Federal Air Transport Agency said that this aircraft is not civil.

Then the Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Russian Defense Ministry said that Sunday morning, Tu-154 shortly after takeoff from the airport of Adler disappeared from radar radar. The ship arrived from Moscow Chkalovsk, served in Sochi refueling.

The Defense Ministry reported that the search for the plane all the search and rescue service of the Ministry and other federal agencies were involved.

With regard to flight conditions, in the vicinity of Sochi on Sunday, weather forecasters predicted good weather with variable cloudiness.

Mourning and help the victims families

His deep condolences to the families and friends of those killed in the crash of Tu-154 expressed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose information on the progress of the search and rescue operations, as a spokesman for the head of state, Dmitry Peskov, is reported continuously.

Putin signed a decree declaring mourning in connection with the crash of the Tu-154 near Sochi, which was published on the Kremlin website.

"As a result of the plane crash of Tu-154, occurred 25 December 2016 years in the area of ​​the city of Sochi, Krasnodar Krai, there are many victims. Expressing sorrow for the victims and expressing grief of their relatives and friends, I decree ... Announce 26 December 2016, the day of mourning in the Russian Federation" , - stated in the decree.

Russian President ordered a day of mourning throughout Russia to lower a little national flags of the Russian Federation, as well as provide cultural institutions and broadcasters to cancel entertainment events and transfer.

According to the document, the government, together with the state authorities of regions need to take the necessary measures to assist the families of the victims.

The Ministry of Transport of the Russian RIA Novosti news agency reported that Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov has arrived in Sochi for a meeting of the commission in connection with the crash of the Tu-154 and assist relatives of the victims. Earlier it was reported that the Falcons will head this commission.

President of the All-Russian Union of Insurers (VSS) Igor Jurgens said that the size of payments on the fact of the crash of Tu-154 for military personnel make up to 7,8 million rubles, for civilians - 3 million rubles.

Previously, the insurance company "SOGAZ" stated that it was ready as soon as possible to make payments on the fact of the crash; families of the victims of the military will receive "SOGAZ" more than 5,8 million rubles.

Jurgens said that all who were on board put payments 2 million rubles in the Air Code. In addition to this payment for the military, "added amount 5,8 million rubles, previously announced by SOGAZ".

"As civilians payment amount, in addition to 2 million rubles owed by the Air Code, even by 1 million rubles from the Social Insurance Fund," - said Jurgens, noting that a one-time insurance payment from the Social Insurance Fund in the event of death of an employee is divided in equal parts (for example, 500 thousand spouse and 500 thousand minor child). The size of the monthly insurance payment, relying minor children of deceased members of the crew or other persons having a right to them, is determined based on the average earnings of the deceased.

With regard to additional payments to journalists, as a rule, the editorial correspondents insure voluntarily. "In consideration of the State Duma a bill on compulsory insurance of journalists in conflict zones, which was adopted in the first reading. We hope that the new Duma will adopt this document, because journalists do not risk less, and sometimes more than the soldiers, carrying out their ministry" - concluded Jurgens.

Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Russia Maxim Topilin, according to the website of the Ministry, in connection with the crash of the Tu-154 near Sochi commissioned to organize the work on payments to the bereaved families.

"Topilin in connection with the crash of the Tu-154 gave instructions on the organization of the victims of payments to families. The government commission in connection with the crash of the Tu-154 in Sochi included Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Protection of the Russian Federation Grigory doctor and head of the Federal Labour Service Vsevolod Vukolov and employment ", - told the agency.

Pension Fund of Russia instructed to promptly establish families of the victims of pension for loss of breadwinner. In addition, Rostrud should organize work to investigate the accident and to identify, if provided by collective agreements or industrial agreements payments in connection with an accident at work in addition to the payments on compulsory social insurance.

According to the Ministry, for the organization of work on the site in Sochi flew deputy chief labor inspector, the head of the State Supervision in the sphere of labor Rostrud Egor Ivanov.

In addition, to assist the relatives of the passengers who were on board the Tu-154, in a building of Song and Dance Ensemble Alexandrov Moscow established operational headquarters. It deployed a brigade of military psychologists and physicians. In groups of experts - highly qualified employees of the Russian Defense Ministry hospitals.

Search and rescue operation

Putin, "reported from the beginning" of the plane's disappearance from the radar, the head of state gets all the information from the emergency services, "all information is reported on constantly as new details emerge," Peskov told RIA Novosti.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu holds meeting via video link with the leadership of the Armed Forces on the organization of search and rescue operations of missing aircraft Tu-154.

"The Adler flew Commission the Defense Ministry, headed by Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation General of the Army Pavel Popov," - reported in the military.

The search area continue to arrive extra force search and rescue support - ships, divers and aviation technology. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, in search of the vessel involved 32 and boats, divers 80, five helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles and remotely operated deep-sea vehicles.

"In addition, preparing for the transfer of military 1300 Southern Military District At aerodromes Adler in constant readiness are four IL-76 military transport aircraft.", - Reported in the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The search area is expected the arrival of rescue ships of the Black Sea Fleet with equipment that allows to perform complex diving operations at depths of up to 400 meters.

As a result of search and rescue and a half kilometers from the Black Sea coast of Sochi at a depth of 50-70 meters were discovered fragments of the body of the missing Tu-154, the Russian Defense Ministry reported.

The source of emergency services in the region told RIA Novosti on detection of rescuers at the crash of Tu-154 in the Black Sea seven people dead.

As reported by RIA Novosti on Russian Transport Ministry, the bodies of those killed in the crash of Tu-154 will be held in Moscow. Defense Ministry will have medical and psychological assistance to their relatives. In addition, forensic scientists of the military department conduct genetic examination of bodies of victims of a plane crash.

The investigation is looking for reasons

As the acting head of the department for interaction with the media of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Svetlana Petrenko stated, "the military investigation department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation on the Sochi garrison on the fact of the Tu-154 crash instituted a criminal case on the grounds of the crime provided for by Article 351 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (violation of the rules of flights, which entailed grave consequences). " "Preflight documentation is being used, interrogations are being made of the officials in charge of the flight, of technical personnel preparing the aircraft for take-off and carrying out refueling," Petrenko added.

She noted that the investigation of the crash established operational investigative group of investigators from the Military Investigative Department of the Russian IC for Sochi garrison, as well as forensic Military Investigation Department of the Russian IC in the Southern Military District.

"Together with the Commission of the Russian Defense Ministry on the crash of the Tu-154 flew a group of the most experienced workers Main Military Prosecutor's Office (GWP) and the military prosecutor's office of the Southern Military District (Southern Military District), headed by a military prosecutor YUVO Sergey Kolomiets to verify the circumstances of the preparation and execution of the flight "- told RIA Novosti, the press service of the main military Prosecutor's office.

While unconfirmed version

As the Defense Ministry reported that crashed near Sochi Tu-154 ran an experienced pilot airman first class Roman Volkov. His total flight time exceeds 3 thousand hours. The aircraft was released in 1983 year, total flying machine was 6689 hours, added the ministry.

According to preliminary data, the cause of the fall of the airship was a technical fault or error of piloting, told RIA Novosti source in the power structures.

"Version of the attack, I completely rule out the Ministry of Defense aircraft, the airspace of the Russian Federation, there can not be such a version." - RIA Novosti said the chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security Viktor Ozerov.

According to him, there are two versions of what happened - a technical failure of the aircraft or piloting error. "The plane had to make a U-turn after take-off over the sea, may not be left on the right path," - the senator said.

According to the first deputy chairman of the Committee on Transport and the construction of the State Duma Vitaly Efimov, Tu-154 is one of the most reliable aircraft Russian aircraft, the cause of his crash in Sochi could be 33-year lifespan. "According to Tu-154 everything is always stable This is a very reliable aircraft, here it is necessary to look for something else of course, could be a faulty technique, but it has nothing to do with age..", - Said the deputy.

Fall Tu-154 in the Black Sea just after takeoff from the airport Adler could be preceded by an extreme situation on the board, which did not allow the crew to transmit a distress signal to the ground, said the former head of the shift of the main center of a unified system of air traffic of Russia Vitaly Andreev.

"After take-off, and a short flight - two minutes - the plane disappeared from the communication and transmits a signal to the ground of any malfunctions, it can talk about that on board there was an emergency - or outside influence on the machine, or a meeting with an obstacle, that there was hardly ", - said Andreev, who has worked in the aviation 47 years.

He noted that the "Tu-154 - a very reliable car, and there are no miracles, just so they do not fall."

"In my experience, there were cases when the Tu-154 sat in case of failure of all three engines, or, for example, the famous landing in the taiga in the abandoned strip", - the expert added.

"Those versions of failures on board, who now sounded - unbalance rudders, a deviation from the established flight path - definitely could not prevent the crew to transmit this signal to the ground means that there was something extreme, from the practice -. Such situations are possible when capturing vessel ", - said Andreev.

The expert said that the data samopisnogo intercom (SPU) "up to 99,99% will be able to explain what happened in the cockpit at the time of the disaster."

A source: RIA News

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