Today: January 17 2019
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Tags: Opinions, Putin, Russia, Syria

What is worth special respect this man, so it is for what a fascinating sequence of it over and over again makes you to feel stupid all those who love pogorlopanit their competence either to solve or even to understand anything!

Just now, hundreds of diplomatic and about a breath of diplomatic choked wail about how Russia for personal gain exacerbates the crisis in Syria, where Russia is not someone without asking walked away, leaving behind only activated the peace process.

Now, while "partners" hysterically clears his throat and trying to understand - "what was that?" and come up with - "Why is that bad?" Putin again modestly silent. Like that, gentlemen? Russia has brought to Syria peace, than to come and, in fact! And what is there to question? And that's your concern, come up - why it is bad. It's up to you to build do not come true predictions declare unattainable goals and hysteria about why it is better when it is you do not reach, and not someone else.

And Russia is not interested in all this! Russia simply comes to where sincerely expect support from it, does what it should and ... leaves when it's done! And all the cries, all the declarations, ridiculous predictions, lured shanks, can not change anything. You can somehow resist the arrival of the Russian winter, but it will still come. Will come without asking you! He will come, and then, without asking, he will leave. But will leave after spring - the Russian spring! And ooochen certainly sad that it might not like you ... but you better understand that nothing can be changed. And is it worth it? Comfort yourself with the fact that winter, it is fair, and Russian - even more so. And after her, spring always comes! This is not a hot American summer, which looks great - "pjazhi, eskimo, tanned thighs," but behind him ... then - only dirt and slush - disappointment.

And in the future, remember, ladies and gentlemen! - If you want to understand something that is true to predict, so adjust their own actions that they have not ended splash in a puddle, a man, you can just ask. He does not like fuss, declarations, tantrums, but correct answer to this question is always. And you will just listen to the answer and try to understand it - literally, without interpreting or pulling. Well ... Although, maybe just - get used to your current situation! All optional - strictly voluntarily ..!

But it is better to remember, "for you better!" - Russia is not the one to which you have been so nice to get used to what you obviously hastened to do it. In Russia, there is a leader who is not indifferent!

Leader - it is not clear how this word in the world of dirty, undercover policy, traditional European, where the apparent always hidden for fear, and in full view, always a puppet ..!

But it is in Russia - finally understand it, please! That is the very reason you should listen carefully to everything that will tell Putin that Russia ... yes - yes, the same Russia, whose greatness is always scared you to the hiccups .. believe him, but the faith that man in Russia means only one thing - Russia this is Putin, and Putin - this is Russia!

Anatoly Karakulov
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