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Communicating, we are like playing with jewels of children

Communicating, we are like playing with jewels of children

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How would our life have changed if we had realized the mystery of the Divine Liturgy and the sacrament? - thinks Archimandrite Andrey (Konanos).

Through the Communion you can not get infected

Archimandrite Andrew (Conanos)

Holy Communion cleanses us, as the Holy Spirit purifies. Through the Communion it is impossible to get something. It's like taking out some dirty thing on the street and leaving to lie in the sun. Sunlight does not hurt the dirt, on the contrary: the sun can whiten the clothes, make it clean again.

According to one statistic, the priests generally live longer in the world. Indeed: rarely when a young priest dies. Of course, this happens at God's expense, but, as a rule, priests die at a very old age. And neither human logic nor science can answer the question of why this happens.

The fact is that the priest constantly communes, constantly eats the Body and Blood of Christ. We do not have the right to ask the communicant whether he is ill, for example, with AIDS, or if he has any wounds in his mouth. We Communicate all, and then we consume the Holy Gifts. And this fact shows that the Communion is indeed the Sacrament of the Sacraments. This is a great Mystery, to which we do not treat as it should.

And we are like playing with jewels of children

The Elder Jacob said that he had once seen a drop of real Blood, when he communed, and another time - a ray of light emanating from the Holy Chalice. And St. Andrew of Crete, the author of the Great Penitential Canon, being a child, first spoke after the sacrament - before that he was dumb.

Great St. John of Kronstadt, the communion, created many miracles. He with such faith gave the Holy Gifts to people, that the sick recovered by accepting Christ. This is the faith of this saint and of those who were healed.

And we, unfortunately, are alike, you know, to whom? On children playing with precious stones and not understanding what it is.

If we truly understood the significance of the Divine Liturgy and Communion in our lives, our life would change, including in our own family.

If we watch television before the communion, we can not understand anything

The Russian elder Sampson taught his spiritual children: "When you take communion, pray that at that moment the Lord will send you a spiritual gift." One elder counseled to pray for the gift of prayer, another - for the gift of humility, the third - for deliverance from any passion (stubbornness, gluttony, etc.).

And now one person who before did not know how to pray truly, after obeying the old man, during the Communion asked the Lord for the gift of prayer. At the same instant he realized what prayer is and felt how he comes to life spiritually.

That's what miracles Holy Communion can do, and I would like them to happen in our lives. There are such people. On Athos I was told about a monk who, having communicated, saw everywhere throughout the three days after that an amazing light - in a cell, in a refectory, over people. This light he saw after one sacrament. They told me about another person who, having started the Chalice with faith and reverence, did not feel hunger for several days after that.

He just did not feel like eating, he felt full - like the three apostles in Tabor, when they said to Christ: "Lord, we'll stay here!" When you feel so good, you do not feel hunger. This is what the Holy Communion reveals to us. But we are not preparing for it properly and therefore we are not able to feel it all.

If a person watches TV the night before, and in the morning starts to the Holy Chalice, he simply can not understand anything.

And instead of saying: "Though I am not worthy, but I have communicated!", He will say: "Well, I have communicated, and what?".

Exactly what? Nothing. If you are not prepared, then you do not feel anything.

So, you're tired of Christ

Sometimes you can hear from some people: "I'm tired of going to the Liturgy!". But in order for you to get bored, you need to understand this first, and only then - to talk. And you figured it out? Could you understand the absolute absolutely? And since the Divine Liturgy is Christ, it turns out that you are tired of Christ.

So it turns out that you yourself do not understand what you are saying. And you never knew Christ. Because if He is recognized, He will never get bored. Angels do not bother to praise God!

And life in Paradise is an unceasing Divine Liturgy.

Liturgy is an attempt to awaken our soul to the glorification of God. She turns the soul to Heaven, likening it to Angels, who incessantly praise and chant the Lord, and they do not get bored. They glorify Him just as admiringly, with the same desire and surprise as the first time. And their astonishment only increases. Why? Because they always see something new in God, He reveals to them the new and new sides of His holiness, greatness and light, adding their world to their world, to their love their love, their jubilation to their jubilation.

And the angels are constantly surprised, rejoicing in the Lord, who, in anticipation of their joy, reveals to them a new, even more wonderful, and then they rejoice even more. All this has no end, and so it will be in eternal life. Yes, that's how we will live in Paradise - constantly praising the Lord, because in front of us will be the One whose contemplation is impossible to satiate - the Lord Himself and His love. Therefore in Paradise there will be neither satiety nor end.

Archimandrite Andrew (Conanos). Translation by Elizaveta Terentyeva.
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