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The cause of a major fire in Cyprus is likely to be arson

Arson is one of the main versions of the outbreak of a forest fire in Cyprus that erupted on Wednesday, 12 July, in the Paphos area, representatives of the Cyprus Fire Service say.

Fire, As a result of which 150 hectares of forest were burned and nearly affected nearby villages, could have arisen as a result of arson, since on the spot of fire yesterday at 1.45 morning there was again a fire. Investigation of the cause of the fire continues, but the main version is arson, says the fire department representative, Andreas Cattis. The area of ​​the fire is patrolled by the police.

In the extinguishing of the fire, which began south of the village of Stavrokonna in the Paphos area, 5 helicopters, 2 fireplanes and 22 firefighters were involved. Because of the strong wind, the fire spread quickly, and the firemen prepared to evacuate the nearest villages, but the fire was nevertheless managed to be brought under control before the implementation of emergency measures.

A source: Cyprus Butterfly

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