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Duterte inviting Trump returns to the world of US real politik

Inviting the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte in Washington, Donald Trump called absolutely predictable scandal. Few in the world there are national leaders openly calling for the extrajudicial executions and openly ignoring human rights and freedoms. What purpose can pursue the American president this step?

Donald Trump continues defiantly to maintain its reputation as an uncontrolled and non-systemic players acting on my own and move toward self-established goals.

As part of the continuing worsening of the Korean Peninsula, US President held a number of telephone conversations with colleagues from the Asia-Pacific Region (APR), and some of them, in particular the Prime Minister of Thailand, invited to visit the United States.

However, a scandal arose over the "very friendly" telephone conversation and offers to visit the White House, which has made Trump Philippines Rodrigo Duterte president.

The reasons are obvious negative resonance. Duterte - one of the most controversial and notorious national leaders in the world today. His methods of dealing with drug trafficking shocked many, not only for their brutality but directness.

Since June 2016 years - Duterte since taking office - at the hands of law enforcement officers in the fight against drug trafficking has killed more than 2 thousand people, still about 5 thousand were killed by so-called warriors... The head of the Philippines is the mastermind behind this campaign and openly calls for the killing of drug addicts and drug dealers.

However, hatred and a willingness to extrajudicial killings in Duterte much broader drug-related circles. In late April, he said he was willing to eat the liver of one of the leaders of the terrorist group "Abu Sayyaf," if he will be salt and vinegar.

All clearly gives the impression that, despite all the difficulties and resistance within the US establishment, Donald Trump hard bends the line to change the US approach to foreign policy. The American president is a staunch supporter of real politik, that is the most pragmatic approach free of the ideological "husk".

Philippines (as, indeed, and Thailand, whose leader also invited Trump in Washington) have traditionally been the most important - due to geographical location - the US allies in the region. Extremely friendly relations with both countries were significantly undermined by the period of the Baraka Obamy administration, which accused the authorities of these countries in violation of the democratic rights and freedoms.

Trump invitation and General Chan Ocha (the head of the Government of Thailand), and Rodrigo Duterte one stroke back in the US foreign policy pragmatism space where matter exclusively benefits and losses, opportunities and threats, and ideological preferences are not taken into account when making decisions.

In fact, his invitation Duterte Donald Trump for the whole world says that America openly returning to its good old principle: yes, he - son of a bitch, but he's our son of a bitch.

This is especially true when an old ally begins to play its multi-vector and are waiting for a visit at the other end of the world.

A source: LOOK

Author: Irina Alksnis

Tags: Trump, USA, Politics, Research, International Relations, Philippines

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