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The suburb of Larnaka suffers from a sewer cul-de-sac

The suburb of Larnaka suffers from a sewer cul-de-sac

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In Livadia, a suburb of Larnaka, there is a terrible situation with sewerage: more than 170 houses do not have a connection to the common sewerage system, because of this sewage literally fill the streets of the district.

The problem in Livadia is promised to be solved from the year 2012, but after six years nothing has changed. Public sewerage, stretched only through a part of the district, does not affect more than 170 residential buildings. People living in them have to deal with this problem on their own. But in the rainy season begins a real flood of impurities.

Mayor of Livadia Marios Armenis is trying to speed up the solution of the problem. State authorities have already given permission to connect houses to the main sewer system and even indicated the amount - 270 thousand euros - but to the works so far no one has started. Mr. Armenis was promised that he will be accepted by the commission within the next 15 days, and the matter will be settled.

While the mayor's office solves the problem in the following way: it pays subsidies to residents of houses that are not connected to the sewage system. This is 50% for sewage drainage services that these people use, writes Cyprus Mail. But this procedure should be performed at least 1-2 once a week, and subsidies can be paid only 1 once a month. Therefore, such problems should be solved at the state level, and as soon as possible, because Livadia is not the only settlement with a lack of sewerage.

Irina Zhmaeva
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