Today: December 14 2018
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Sellers of used cars in Cyprus "twist" mileage indicator

Sellers of used cars in Cyprus "twist" mileage indicator

Tags: Cyprus, Auto, Laws, Scams

Some used cars offered for sale in Cyprus have a suspiciously low mileage. According to the deputy of the parliament from the party of green Kharalambus Theopemptu, some unscrupulous auto dealers twist odometers, since cars with a smaller mileage are sold better. It is about thousands of kilometers. Mr. Teopemptu sent a deputy inquiry to the Minister of Transport: is the ministry struggling with this phenomenon?

Most often used cars come to Cyprus from the UK and Japan. It is not clear at what stage - in countries where cars are imported, or already in Cyprus - there is a "twist" odometers. According to a recent study commissioned by the European Parliament, it turned out that almost half of used cars put up for sale in the EU, mileage indicators on the odometer do not correspond to the real state of things.

As reported by Phileleftheros, in response to the deputy's request, the Minister of Transport of the Republic of Cyprus Marios Dimitriadis explained that the Ministry employees conduct inspections in the dealers' car dealerships in order to identify cars with illegally reduced mileage. However, Mr. Dimitriadis acknowledged that this is not enough to combat this phenomenon. It is necessary to tighten the laws, on the basis of which it will be possible to bring the perpetrators to justice.

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