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"PO" project. Putin is good, bad Trump

While the United States and Finland together is accused Moscow of "aggression" and "men in black" are trying to throw zavralsya Trump, Western analysts are writing about the "backbone" of Russia, which has forged Chelyabinsk comrade. Putin and assess future national strategy for the Russian president. More and more good news for Putin and less and less - to Trump.

US and Finland shook hands and accused Moscow of "aggression." Oddly enough, it was in the time of defense ministers of unity between the two states "men in black" are trying to throw zavralsya Donald Trump, who has allegedly defaming his "connections" with Moscow.

US Defense Minister D. Mattis met at the Pentagon with Defense Minister of Finland Yu Niinistö. The officials discussed "a number of security issues, including Russia's aggression (Russian aggression), NATO and bilateral relations in the field of security cooperation between the two countries", according to the Pentagon's website.

According to the "Mad Dog" Mattis, he "would" expect to talk with the Finnish Minister.

Yu Niinistö said in turn: "Finland is very serious about his defense, and we see ourselves as a guarantor of security, not the consumer." "Signing in October last year in Helsinki bilateral statement of intent was a concrete step for the further development of relations", - he said.

Next, the ministers exchanged views on the benefits of cooperation in the defense sector of the two countries, especially on the Arctic.

In conclusion, the Pentagon chief thanked his counterpart for the continuation of cooperation in Finland on a bilateral and multilateral basis in a changing European and global defense environment.

While US Secretary attaches with Finnish counterpart defense discusses the Arctic Union and brands "Russian aggression," the chief minister that have hard times. Efbeerovtsy accused Donald Trump of lying and begin against him a new information campaign, built on a charge of "relations" with the Russian.

Director James Comey said the FBI official, his department is investigating the communication of the electoral headquarters of Donald Trump with the Russian. For Trump is very bad news. Besides it became apparent the next major false billionaire president.

According to the editorial, "The New York Times," James Comey has officially confirmed that the bureau is investigating a possible link between the pre-election campaign of President Trump and Russian efforts to sabotage the campaign of Hillary Clinton. And that, says the newspaper, "is an exciting recognition," for a public statement of Mr. Komi should be a turning point in the question of how to investigate the role of Russia in American elections.

It was found that Trump's administration "has shown a tendency to lie, mislead and cover their tracks with amazing audacity". Speaking before the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee member, Mr. Komi reported that the FBI is investigating "an open and independent way" and promised to "follow the facts to which they might lead."

Prior to the hearing, the newspaper said, Mr. Trump has published "a remarkable set of tweets," which described the possibility of collusion with the Russian "false news." Such a "brazen" statements by the President cause enormous damage to public confidence in the FBI investigation, said the publication.

About Trump's lie and the FBI investigation that started, they write in Canada.

It is impossible to overestimate the significance of the revelations D. Komi, told openly that the FBI is investigating possible collusion of the Russian government and the election team of Donald Trump, wrote in an editorial «The Globe and Mail».

According to the editorial, this "bomb" might be the "beginning of the end" Trump presidency. At the very least, this means that Mr. Trump will not soon hide from the clouds that are gathering over his head.

Mr Komi, the newspaper reminds, joined forces with the National Security Agency Director Michael Rogers, publicly denied the "irresponsible claims" Trump, who announced through the "Twitter". We are talking about the alleged tapping people Obama "Trump Tower" in New York, during the election campaign. No information on the alleged wiretapping of the US intelligence services do not.

In response, Trump did not find anything better than to say through your favorite "Twitter" that the NSA and the FBI told Congress: Russia did not influence on the election process in the United States.

This statement in the "Twitter" Trump Komi and Rogers was called "absolutely false."

As a result, the president of Trump got out of the fire the frying pan into. Around his figure broke the biggest scandal in recent decades. And no net output for this row, apparently, no.

In short, things are going badly Trump. But Putin, according to the same Western press - good.

In the UK report: Putin forged a "backbone" of Russia. «The Guardian», writes Anne carrels in the British newspaper.

Journalist Anne carrels long been interested in Russia and Russian sentiments. For over 20 years she has been doing this by examining the Russian hinterland. Once she visited in Moscow, but Russia is not considered typical of her. More in 1993, she first went "beyond the ring road." This time she traveled to Chelyabinsk - "polluted industrial area the size of Belgium with a population of 3 million people."

Unlike Moscow, which "is about to burst at the seams from the influx of people and which continuously absorbs money," Chelyabinsk "depends on steel mills, mining and old military plants and struggles for their lives." In the 1990-ies. everything was bad here, families were falling apart, people were sitting without work, men were drinking, and children were given for adoption to foreigners (over time it became a national disgrace). In 1996, the region voted to return the Communists, but Boris Yeltsin "with the support of the United States stole the election and temporarily managed to seat his bureaucrats in the seats." In 1998, the situation worsened even more: in the crisis people again lost the little they had, and the oligarchs, on the contrary, became fattened.

Chelyabinsk people, meanwhile, were looking for a "Russian identity" that they could be proud of, the journalist said. And the unexpected arrival of Vladimir Putin in power in 2000 year was for many a "find". In comparison with the old Yeltsin, who embarrassed the people with his passion for the bottle, Putin seemed a sober and young leader. He managed to suppress the Chechen rebellion, thereby making a step towards restoring confidence in the military and security structures. The rise in prices for oil, gas and other raw materials allowed Putin to improve the social sphere. The population became available loans, including mortgage loans. There was even a "modest middle class". True, corruption in Russia has remained, with it it became even worse, but it was perceived as a compromise.

Journalism asked the "one another" to strengthen "Putin's police state and his own apparent corruption." He said: "When a fire occurs, you do not ask who the fire."

Contradictions, of course, it is missing. Since the Russian border is opened, all the disgruntled Putin could leave the country. "Stubborn, intrepid journalists who have no chance of employment, seek refuge in other places - the author writes. - Some of the most talented in other areas, with opportunities abroad also vote with their feet. Others, with whom I am familiar in Chelyabinsk, protect yourself against future uncertainty, sending their children thousands of kilometers away, in Miami. "

On the other hand, today's Russia "sees himself surrounded by enemies." But it is also regarded as an enemy - not sure Donald Trump, but many American congressmen.

All these contradictions can produce a tragedy ...

What makes the Russian president further towards the West? Harlan Ullman, a senior adviser at the Atlantic Council, said that the way of promotion of Russian interests in the whole world is now Putin will have to determine exactly who's in the White House, who will be there to play a role in the formulation of foreign policy. This Ullman writes online agency UPI.

Putin is considered a person who reads books and studies in history lessons. If this is true, then the Russian president needs to understand the following: the most suitable for the present time is the trilateral policy of the American President Richard Nixon, which allowed the "balance" of the Soviet Union with China. There is also a second historical example: Ronald Reagan's solid position on intermediate nuclear forces, which ultimately led to the conclusion of a treaty on intermediate nuclear weapons. The threat of "monolithic communism", embodied once in the unshakable "alliance" between Moscow and Beijing, was "meaningless".

If Putin will take into account the strategy of the American presidents and will take appropriate steps, he can throw the most serious challenge to Washington. He is now there for this good chance: the vaunted unity of NATO and the European Union is at issue, will soon burst "Breksa" European Circle populism, the White House took the unpopular Trump, France and Germany on the nose elections, at the same time increasing the gap between Turkey and the Netherlands and Denmark. And it's not talking about the Middle East.

All these frictions can be used. A similar situation was in Nixon at the beginning of the 1970-ies with China and Russia. Obviously, clever Putin and his entourage will take as a basis strengthening of Russia's security in geostrategic, political and economic plans. Their tasks will be to reduce or eliminate the coherence of NATO and the EU, focus on eliminating the danger of the "Islamic state" (banned in the Russian Federation) and other terrorist groups in the Middle East, manipulating the consciousness of the peoples of Europe in order to get rid of the sanctions imposed "for the annexation of the Crimea."

Mr. Nixon used the rift between China and the Soviet Union, Mr. Putin will use the fault line in the NATO and the EU. Closer relations with Turkey will provide him leverage in Northern Europe, and in Syria, especially if Ankara really enters into Moscow's orbit.

* * *

Western experts Putin's strategy, though spread throughout the world, from Washington to Brussels say the continuing geopolitical confrontation between Russia and the US on the line, as well as the US and China.

Despite the scandal around Donald Trump, the whole Washington adheres former anti-Russian project, formed by the previous administration of the White House. This is evidenced by the statements of many congressional hawks, which we have repeatedly cited, of Trump, the US representative to the UN and Defense Minister D. Mattis, voiced thesis about "Russian aggression" on the international level.

Usidish Mr. Trump in his chair or take off from the Oval Office? And what for Russian geopolitical difference? The Cold War did not stop by, it's obvious.

Journalist Anne carrels law: contradictions can produce tragedy.

A source: Military Review

Author: Oleg Chuvakin

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