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Passing through the Bosporus Russian ships in any case need protection

It became known that the Russian BBC "Caesar Kunikov" was held on the eve of the Bosphorus, accompanied by Turkish Coast Guard cutter. This unusual gesture on the part of the Turkish military, who immediately is to interpret the local press. Are Russian ships need protection during the passage of the Bosphorus, and how they could defend themselves?

According to the Turkish press, the secret services of the country have received a signal that the Russian military ships passing through the Bosporus, can be attacked by jihadists. She Turkish security service denied this publication. But we know that on the eve of Russian large landing ship (BDK), "Caesar Kunikov" really went through the Bosporus in Turkey, accompanied by guards, that earlier was not often.

The last time this was exactly a year ago, when four Turkish Coast Guard boats escorted through the Bosporus BDK "Minsk", who came to the shores of Syria. But the moment the relations between Russia and Turkey were hostile because of the death of Russian aircraft shot down by the Turkish Air Force. The convoy was intended not so much to protect the "Minsk", how to irritate Russian sailors. At this time, on the contrary, Ankara ordered to accompany the Russian ship, as the newspaper writes, to prevent any incidents that might embroil it again with Moscow.

According to press reports, "Caesar Kunikov" is also involved in the operation "Syrian Express" - the delivery of ammunition for the Russian garrison at the airbase "Hmeymim" under Latakia Syrian army and leading the fighting with the Islamists.

According to Haberturk, terrorists may use for their attacks some "long-barreled weapons (probably refers to sniper rifles - Take a look.) Or rocket launchers." It is also clear that the attack will be prepared in those places where the ships as close approach to the shore. In total, according to the publication, the secret services counted 146 such points. In addition, from now on every Russian warship will be guarded by the Turkish attack helicopter and two Coast Guard boats.

The representative of the Istanbul branch of the Turkish security forces issued a denial, stating that no information about a possible attack LIH * have been reported. "As for the details about 146 observation points and so on - perhaps these facts some media have learned the first time and wondered: what could it be" - suggested the representative office.

Meanwhile, the fact remains that the Russian ship "Caesar Kunikov" walked through the Bosphorus Strait, accompanied by Turkish guards. It is possible that secret services did receive some signal, which became known to journalists.

Under existing international agreements, whether to provide protection, solve the Turks themselves. As a rule, foreign warships authorities only provide a local pilot and nothing more. This, of course, the movement of foreign ships, both military and civilian, tracked the Turkish secret services and the military. But how to put the posts, and not with the equipment, and with the police along the strait, and even in such numbers - 146 points - even before the speech was not conducted.

Of particular concern in this regard is the fact that six months ago in Turkey, unknown terrorists were already trying to attack the sea target. 14 October, near the Antalya-Kemer highway, they opened fire from a grenade launcher on a tanker passing by. It seems that non-professionals shot because they did not achieve their goals. Two grenades fell into the fish shop, one - in the warehouse. No harm done. Responsibility for the bombardment of any group did not take on itself. Special services arrested several people, allegedly connected with the Kurdistan Workers' Party. Since then no new information about the investigation has been received.

It is possible that the idea to attack the Russian ship terrorists brought the incident to the intelligence of the Black Sea Fleet, "Lyman" in 40 km north-west of the Bosphorus. As the newspaper VIEW, 27 April, he was hit in the side in the fog sank ordinary cattle Youzarsif H (elsewhere it is called "Ashot-7»), which went under the flag of Togo.

However, experts are sure, the accidental collision of large ships is one thing, and an attempt to damage the warship from the land is completely different. The displacement of the medium reconnaissance ship "Liman" is 1560 tons, the length is 73,3 m. The Youzarsif H ("Ashot-7") truck is even larger than the "Liman" in size and displacement. Its size is 83 m, and the displacement is over two thousand tons. To cause serious damage to a warship by firing from the land can only be using anti-ship complexes, which IGIL in the Bosphorus itself, of course, can not afford. In addition, there was no information that this group has such weapons.

Advisor to the Chief of the General Staff, the former commander of the Black Sea Fleet, Admiral Igor Kasatonov found a message the Turkish press is quite plausible. "I think that Russian ships have to interact with the Turkish security", - he told the newspaper VIEW, Admiral. In his view, the two ships and helicopter support, mentioned by the press, would be enough: "But one Turkish warship escorts Russian sailors, too, can not hurt. Defense always enough. You will not be the same everywhere and always strong. Something, somewhere, may be lost. "

Russian warships themselves always have the right to self-defense, including in Turkey's territorial waters, the admiral stressed.

A former Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Navy, Admiral Viktor Kravchenko added that warships are always strait zone of combat alert. "All of them are on duty. They operate radar stations. Part of the personnel allocated to the visual inspection of the left and right side. On board there is a platoon of marines or more. It is armed with small arms and rocket-propelled grenades, "- said the admiral," Interfax ".

"Our repel an attack can, but it's better to do that Turks", - says military analyst, Captain I rank stock Konstantin Sivkov, adding that the mere fact that the firing of the Russian military in Turkish territory, albeit perfect lawfully be very badly perceived by Turkey.

It is possible that LIH just counting on casualties among the local population caused by response fire, Russian sailors. But Sivkov doubt that militants will not be able to seamlessly deliver the shores of the Bosphorus "rocket launchers", which writes the Turkish newspaper. If they can attack, it is only with the help of light weapons. "They can punch a hole in the side of a grenade launcher. It will be a small fire. Possible injury or death of one or two members of the crew. Cause more serious damage to the ship, they can not "- suggested Sivkov in an interview with the newspaper VIEW.

Recall that terrorist attacks on the sea are generally rare. And the only successful example of attacks of this kind in the past twenty years was demonstrated by the followers of bin Laden. In the autumn of 2000 in the port of Aden in Yemen, an American destroyer Cole was attacked by a boat controlled by two suicide bombers and stuffed about 300 kg of explosives. Killed 17 people, another 39 were injured. Due to effective actions of the crew the ship nevertheless stayed afloat.

Russian sailors must be prepared to repel a threat and believes Sivkov. "If the boat is 300-400 kilos of explosives, then the ship can really get serious damage," - he warned the expert.

A source: LOOK

Author: Oleg Moskvin Yuri Zaynashev

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