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The Cyprus Public Prosecutor's Office keeps island officials under control

Auditor General Odysseas Michaelides reported to President Nicolas Anastasiadis that the impunity of civil servants in Cyprus is coming to an end.

The report, submitted by 11 January, to the President of Cyprus, states that the impunity of civil servants in Cyprus has recently declined significantly - officials began to be held accountable for their actions. This became possible thanks to coordinated actions of the prosecutor's office and the tough social position of the island's residents, reports The Cyprus Mail.

Thanks to the close attention of the media to the activities of officials and the active citizenship of volunteers, Cypriot officials understand the full extent of their responsibility. The authorities hope that in the near future the situation with corruption will equalize and the activities of civil servants will become transparent, as in many European countries.

In the conclusion to his report, Odysseas Michaelides argues that the solution to the problem of bureaucracy and inefficiency in the public sector is not only to ensure that employees are held accountable for violating their duties, but also in complying with their regulated rules during the performance of their duties.

A source: RuCy

Author: Natalia Kudlay

Tags: Cyprus, Officials, Prosecutor's Office, Anastasiadis

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