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Greece's Supreme Court prosecutor has offered not to extradite fugitive war Turkey

Prosecutor Areopagus (one of the supreme courts of Greece) Vasiliki Theodorou suggested not to give Ankara two of eight Turkish soldiers who fled to Greece 16 July, after the attempted coup, according to the Athens News Agency.

The court will rule on the two officers 23 of January.

The prosecutor recommended that the court reject the Turkish request for extradition legally inadmissible as against Turkish soldiers "can not be a fair trial, they are at risk of torture and degrading inhuman treatment". According to the prosecutor, in the request for extradition there is no specific information and the indictment does not contain specific facts.

The prosecutor said that in Turkey arrested 10 top members of the National Assembly - the opponents of the ruling party, journalists 150, 3 thousand judges and prosecutors were fired - a fifth of the judiciary. They were dismissed for no apparent reason 129 thousand civil servants arrested 40 thousand people and more than 31 thousand remain in prison.

One of the officers told about the persecution of his family and their dismissal, arrest of bank accounts. "They started arresting military wives We fled to Greece to save his life, and we were called traitors.", - He said.

According to the officer, arrested many colleagues in Turkey tortured.

The hearing began on Tuesday. the case of the other six officers will be discussed on Wednesday and Friday.

Turkey wants to give all military personnel. On the eve of the court session in the Turkish media reported that they were preparing an attempt on the President Tayyip Erdogan. Sami military denied any involvement in the coup.

European legislation prohibits the issuing entities, if they face the death penalty.

A source: RIA News

Author: Gennady Melnik

Tags: Greece, Prosecutor's Office, the Court, Turkey, coup d'etat

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