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"Promsvyazbank" denied the existence of problems with the Cypriot court

The management of Promsvyazbank called slander the message from the Rosbalt news agency that the Nicosia District Court instituted criminal proceedings against the Cypriot branch of the bank.

The day before yesterday, 13 July, Rosbalt agencyPublished materialThat the Cyprus branch of Promsvyazbank is accused of "colluding with the Cyprus company Maxoton Holding Limited - the customer and debtor of the bank - in order to seize the majority of shares of LLC" Ramfud "and LLC" OOP Holding. "

According to Rosbalt sources, this is the first time a Russian bank can become a defendant in a European court for a serious crime, a possible punishment for which is 14 years in prison.

Today, Promsvyazbank issued a statement that it considers the materials unreasonable and illegal. "The facts are distorted and aimed at denigrating the bank's reputation," reads a press release on the official website of Promsvyazbank. The Bank intends to take action to prosecute libel and stresses that the complaint has not been accepted in court by the court in Nicosia.

A source: Cyprus Butterfly

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