Today: January 21 2019
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Farewell to Major Filipov

Farewell to Major Filipov

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At the Chkalovsky airfield near Moscow, a solemn farewell to the leadership of the Ministry of Defense of Russia with the hero who died heroically in Syria, pilot Roman Filipov. At the funeral ceremony attended by the head of the department Sergei Shoigu, members of the board of the MO, as well as fellow officers and friends of the officer.

"Major Filipov honorably fulfilled his military duty, remained faithful to the oath, sacrificed himself in the fight against the enemy and thereby placed himself in the first row of the best defenders of the Fatherland.His name will forever remain in our hearts and the hearts of our compatriots.It seems to me, It is of fundamental importance for Roman Nikolayevich to know that his family - his wife Olga and daughter - will always remain in our large army family, "said Nikolai Pankov, State Secretary and Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation.

He stressed that this is a principled position of the military department, from which they will never back down.

Meanwhile, the ex-commander of the Air Force, Army General Vladimir Mikhailov drew attention to the fact that the feat of Filippov shocked not only the Russians, but also residents of other countries. According to the soldier, hundreds of thousands of people admire the major, as evidenced by the rallies of his memory.

"We say sometimes:" Heroes do not die, the heroes live forever. "And Roman will live among us," Tass quotes Mikhailova.

After all the leadership of the Defense Ministry had said goodbye to Filipov, the coffin with his body, to the sound of a military march and accompanied by an honor guard, was brought to the plane of IL-76, which after flew to Voronezh. That is where the funeral of the officer will take place.

The funeral of the hero who died in battle in Syria, pilot Roman Filipov, takes place in the chapel of the icon of the Mother of God "The Execution of the Dead" near the Comintern Cemetery in Voronezh, RIA Novosti correspondent reports from the scene.

After the solemn farewell ceremony in the House of Officers of the military town in the Northern district, the body of Roman Filipov was brought to the Kominternovskoye cemetery, where the funeral of the deceased pilot is currently taking place.

The funeral is held by Metropolitan Voronezh and Liskinsky Sergius. Near the chapel are several hundred people, along the road along the central avenue of the cemetery are also hundreds of people who came to take Roman Filipov on his last journey. Near the grave on the Walk of Fame, where the pilot will be buried, there is an honor guard, people carry wreaths and flowers.

Farewell to the pilot Roman Filipov in Voronezh came thousands of people!

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, 3 February, during the overflight of the Idlib de-escalation zone, the Russian Su-25 attack aircraft under Major Filipov was shot down by terrorists from MANPADS. The pilot tried to keep the plane in the air until the last and managed to report to the command about the attack by the missile.

Having landed after a bailout in the area of ​​Tell-de-Beb settlement controlled by the militants, Filipov led an unequal fight with his regular weapons until the last minutes of his life, not allowing militants. As noted in the ministry, after the encirclement by terrorists, when the distance to the militants was reduced to several tens of meters, seriously wounded Filipov blew himself up with a grenade. Major Filipov posthumously submitted to the title of Hero of Russia. The pilot had a wife and a four-year-old daughter.

Later, thanks to joint efforts with Turkey, the body of Roman Filipov managed to be delivered to his homeland.

A former member of the crew of the US Air Force wrote to RT about the desire to help the family of a pilot killed in Syria

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