Today: January 22 2019
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Giorgos Lillikas held a meeting and Russia's ambassador to Cyprus

Giorgos Lillikas held a meeting and Russia's ambassador to Cyprus

Tags: Cyprus, Russia, politics, international relations, the Cyprus question, UN Ambassador

17 February meeting was held in Nicosia Chrevzychaynogo Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Russia in Cyprus Stanislav Osadchy with Giorgos Lillikas, a prominent Cypriot politician who ran for president of Cyprus in the last election in February 2013 year.

During the meeting they discussed the process of settlement of the Cyprus problem, as well as prospects for further development of relations between Russia and Cyprus in many aspects of politics, economy and culture.

Mr. Lillikas expressed appreciation for the active position taken by Russia in the UN Security Council on the Cyprus problem. At the same time, he praised the actions of all five permanent members of the UN Security Council.

Lillikas said that Cyprus needs strong allies to achieve such a solution to the Cyprus problem, which will facilitate the creation of a free state based on democratic values.

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