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Protestants return under the control of the Pope

Radio Vatican reported on an epoch-making event: Protestants and papists will sign a joint declaration on "ecumenical mutual understanding", which, in fact, will be the beginning of the unification of "churches".

The Papists went a long way toward this, having made important steps toward subjugating the Protestants in 2016, when they, together with them, marked the 500 anniversary of the Reformation.

The Vatican shout says:

"On Wednesday, 5 July 2017, in the German city of Wittenberg, where the Reformation was born 1517 year, when Luther unveiled his 95 theses, the World Union of Reformed Churches will join the ecumenical understanding reached between Catholics, Lutherans and Methodists regarding the doctrine of justification. The message of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity on this occasion notes that the doctrine of justification by grace through faith is in the center of the Gospel. "

The Orthodox faith says that Luther's "salvation by faith" has become even worse heresy than papalism. Accepting now this heresy, the Vatican once again proves that it is only the authority, and not the Christian dogmatist, who is interested in some of the remains of which, not so long ago, still existed in Catholicism.

That's what he says about this. Hilarion Troitsky: "Latin has given birth to a perfectly legitimate, though very rebellious child in the face of Protestantism ... Protestantism was a protest of one human thought against another, it did not restore ancient Christianity, and one distortion of Christianity replaced others, and there was a new lie that was bitterer than the first. Protestantism said the last word of Papism, made from it a final logical conclusion. Truth and salvation are given to love, that is, to the Church, such is the church consciousness. Latin, having fallen away from the Church, has changed this consciousness and proclaimed: the truth is given to the individual person of the Pope, even one individual, without the Church, and the Pope manages the salvation of all. Protestantism only objected: why is the truth given only to the Pope? - and added: Truth and salvation are open to every person, regardless of the Church. Every single man was made into infallible dads. Protestantism put on the papal triar for every German professor and with its countless number of popes completely destroyed the idea of ​​the Church, replaced faith with the reasoning of the individual personality, the salvation in the Church was replaced by a dreamy certainty of salvation through Christ without the Church, in self-loving isolation from everyone. "/

And so the Jesuit Franciscus showed that he was ready to reconcile with this "dreamy certainty" of the Protestants, if they obey him. Traditional Catholics, for all their heretics, would never have accepted this, like traditional Protestants. But Francis, as is known, is a globalist politician, a supporter of neoliberal ideology, and his colleagues from the side of the Lutherans are even more outspoken liberals. From the old papism, Francis left, in fact, one idea: the idea of ​​the world power of the popes. This is implicit and implicit in this unprecedented declaration of papists and Protestants.

Radio Vatican on this occasion frankly says that in fact all the main leaders of Protestants already now merge with the papists in the common prayer, in fact recognizing this is the coming "unity of the churches": "

"During ecumenical worship, in the presence of representatives of the Lutheran, Methodist and Catholic Churches, the leaders of the World Union of Reformed Churches will formally join the Joint Declaration on the doctrine of justification. The Pontifical Council at the ceremony will be represented by the Secretary of this department, Monsignor Brian Farrell and Fr. Avelino Gonzalez. Thus, one of the key issues that has become a stumbling block between reformers and church authorities in the sixteenth century is resolved, which makes it possible to strive for greater spiritual and ecclesiastical communion between Catholics and Protestants. "

But in fact, such a common prayerful communion, such a "super-racial" joint declaration, is already a merger of these faiths, which later will only have to be de jure.

However, the Vatican's intentions, no doubt, go far beyond the submission of Protestants, including other religions, which will be attracted by the slogans of a just order in this world. Further in the editorial article of Radio Vatican it is noted:

"The communiqué of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity states that within the framework of the ecumenical understanding of this fundamental teaching, the Reformed Churches emphasize the relationship between justification and commitment in favor of justice in the world. Grace bears within itself and requires "good works" in building the Kingdom of God, the realm of justice, peace and reconciliation.

Justification leads to solidarity with victims of social exclusion and to confront with systems of social and economic injustice. Equally understanding this Christian imperative, Catholics, Lutherans, Methodists and Reformists can find broader and more intensive ways of cooperation in the service of suffering humanity. "

Let us note that the same slogans of "cooperation in the service of the suffering humanity" the Jesuit Francis started up when he met with Patriarch Cyril in Havana. As if social service and combating social injustice are the main thing in Christianity. And as if the union of Orthodox with heretics and Satanists will increase the presence of justice in the world ...

We must always remember other words on this occasion. Hilarion of Troitsky "The Orthodox Church teaches: salvation is accomplished by God, but not without a person, from whom right faith and virtuous life is required by the will of God, which is salvation. Salvation consists in the fact that a person through personal faith receives access to saving grace, given in the sacraments of the Church. "

It is not known, by chance, or not, but the Papists have appointed their ecumenical event in Wittenberg on 5 July. Namely 5 July 1439 at the Cathedral of Florence, the Russian Metropolitan-Apostate Isidore, along with the Greek Archbishop Basil Bessarion, signed a church union to unite the Orthodox Church with the Catholic heresy under the authority of the pope.

It is possible that this was done for a reason. Anti-Christian mystics love symbols very much. If once their predecessors succeeded in doing a major evil, they try to replicate it in the same place, in the same time interval. And certainly not by chance, they now chose a city in which the worst heresy of Protestantism was born from the heresy of Latinism. As if the organizers say that, they say, in Wittenberg "Western Christianity is divided, in it we will unite it - on our terms.

The Luther theses hung out in Wittenberg marked a new spiral of the spiritual decline of Europe, at the same time provoking monstrous cruelties and scales of religious wars in which up to half of the population died in Germany alone. Under the howls of liberal clichies about "peace and security" in Wittenberg, the core of the world anti-Christian religion is created, which promises more problems for mankind than Lutheran heresy.


Author: Druz Igor Mikhailovich

Tags: Religion, Analytics, Vatican City, Christians