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Against pride

Against pride

Tags: Religion, Christianity

Prologue in the teachings for each day of the year

(The word of St. Evagrius about pride, Procl.Jan 11)

The Monk Evagrius, in the word about magnification, in order to distract us from the evil flaw of pride, says, among other things, the following: "The soul of the proud always keeps thin thoughts, and through this a person falls into the depths of evil. As a stone that has torn away from the rock, immediately falls down, so the proud, having departed from God, will fall even more quickly ... The rotten fruit does not benefit the farmer, and the virtue of the proud is displeasing to God ... The soul of the proud is removed from God and delights one demon ... Pride from heaven has lowered the little girl, and he, like lightning, fell to the ground. "

For our edification, we will treat closely, brethren, to the words of the Monk and see if there is any truth in them.

First of all, Evagrius, as you have heard, says: the soul of the proud always keeps thin thoughts, and through it a person falls into the depths of evil. These words of the Monk, as truth, prove the most convincing Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar. Blinded by pride, he thought in his thoughts that he was the happiest of mortals, attributed all power and power to himself and blasphemed the Jewish God. What ended? By the fact that, according to the words of Evagrius, he fell into the depths of evil. The time when, looking at Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar was magnified by him, as the work of his own hands, he was struck by the condemning voice from heaven; and from this moment, devoid of mind, removed from the throne and the human community, like the ox, he ate grass for seven years.

Then the Reverend says: "As a stone, torn from the rock, immediately falls down, so proud even more likely the stone will fall."

And this is the truth, my brothers! Monk Iron spent fifty years in the desert and surpassed all the monks living in it with his equiangular life. But pride also killed such an ascetic. He imagined that the neighboring monks were not keeping to this statute, which, in his opinion, should be kept, and began to treat them with contempt. The devil, noticing the conceit born in the old man, did not hesitate to take care to destroy him, and reached his, He appeared to him in the form of a bright angel, and the self-deceived monk accepted him really for such. Then the devil asked the old man to rush into the well, saying that, de, for his holy life he would not be harmed. The old man obeyed and was dragged from the well barely alive. On the third day he passed away (April 4).

Even Evagrius in his word teaches: "The fruit is rotten," he says, "does not benefit the farmer, and the virtue of the proud is displeasing to God." And these words are convincingly confirmed by the Pharisee. Being proud, he prayed: "God," he said, "I thank You that I am not like other people, robbers, offenders, adulterers ... I fast twice a week; I give a tenth of everything I get. " Was this prayer pleasing to God? No, for the Lord said about the Pharisee: anyone who exalts himself will be humbled (Luke 18, 10-14).

"The soul of the proud," continues Evagrius, "is removed from God and delights the demons." True, brethren, and this. Merzok, says the word church about the majestic and rising, abominable before God and people, everyone ascending. The beginning of human sin is pride, and keeping to its abhorrent to all and at the end completely disappears from God (Proclamation of July 10). And the rest is self-explanatory. If a man is a proud disgust before God, he is at the same time pleasing to the devil and joyful for him.

Finally, the Reverend says in his own words: "Pride from heaven has lowered the little girl, and he fell like lightning to the ground." So it was in fact. How did you fall, says the prophet Isaiah, from heaven, dawn, son of the dawn! .. ...And I said in my heart: I will ascend to heaven, I will raise my throne above the stars of God, and I will sit on the mountain in the assembly of the gods ... I will ascend to the heights of the clouds, I will be like the Most High, but you will be cast into hell, into the depths of the underworld (Issue 14, 12-15). So says Isaiah. But the Lord adds to this: seeing Satan, like the lightning from heaven subsiding (Luke 10,18).

I hope, brethren, that, after all that has been said, you have become convinced of the truth of the words of Evagrius. And if so, then remember them, attach them to your heart and act on them. Cast off all pride and love humility. And in order to get past the virtues of the latter, and even more often recall to yourself the following words of the Lord: Whom will I look at? just on, meek and silent and trembling My words (Isaiah 66, 2). Amen.

Archpriest Victor Guriev
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