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04.05.2017 - 07: 09

Trump's opponents took up arms

The struggle between right and left in the United States has deteriorated - this is another consequence of the election victory of Donald Trump. If before the American leftists protested against the weapons, now, on the contrary, arming and hold regular shooting. This phenomenon among Americans revived the fear of civil war. In what many believe now really.

In the US, traditionally, to organize armed resistance to the state authorities only right-wing forces can if necessary. However, their countless "militia", "police", "self-defense" and "sovereign citizens" by default considered to be a hotbed of white racism, sexism and anti-communism.

In this case, they are not particularly eager to fame - a major advertising makes them, paradoxically, the liberal press. It is there that regularly appear heartbreaking stories about shooting ranges "militia" and training in conditions close to the fighting. There you can find the statistics, according to which in the ranks of unofficial armed groups are composed of hundreds of thousands of Americans. Indisputable evidence of these calculations, however, does not exist.

Ideological opponents of the right - a motley conglomeration of anti-fascists, anti-globalization activists, anarchists and levoliberalov - prefers peaceful protest and non-violent protest. Moreover, the American left has traditionally positioned itself as a pacifist and opposed to the second constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to possess firearms.

Of course, the real picture is more complicated. Almost every day we see in the news, as the anti-fascists, shook face cloths, throw stones at police, set fire to cars and beat showcases. On Pacifism is not too similar. On the other hand, it is striking that the "white racists" democratic press is too often called ordinary American citizens who are trying to defend their rights by force of arms. So it was, for example, in the recent conflict Bundy family with the feds.

Whatever it was, during the last year the usual format of both sides of the conflict - rednecks with firearms against anti-fascists with posters - started to leave in the past. The coming to power of Donald Trump really hardened leftist. Not only some demonstration in support of the new president has done without attacking the activists. The campuses erupt regularly fights with stones and pepper gas. Left sites are full of arguments about whether already spit on pacifism and acquire weapons go. "Liberal shooting club", with offices in different states announced the explosive growth of its members.

Brighter than the other proved to be anti-fascist movement of the "Rise of rednecks" that emerged at the "Small Dzhona Brauna club" (it was named in honor of the famous abolitionist who fought for the rights of blacks in the XIX century). In late March of this year, they came to the demonstration of supporters of Trump in Phoenix, Arizona. According to eyewitnesses, there were forty to fifty people. All were dressed in exotic uniforms, reminiscent of the days of the civil war in Spain. All tied to your neck bandanas red. And all were in possession of semi-automatic rifles AR-15 or Kalashnikovs.

Talk to these harsh people no one wanted. Interview is not allowed. Posters have not got. A reporter of the local newspaper, shoot them on iPhone, threatened to smash a cell phone. In general, they are quite similar to usual talkative pacifists, anti-fascists. The only message of their appearance - a direct and overt threat supporters Trump.

Video from a mobile phone to the aforementioned reporter literally exploded online. Many claimed that the weapon was only an imitation, a toy, but "Rebellion rednecks" spokeswoman later confirmed that both rifles and machine guns authentic. However, she stressed that the branches of the "Rebellion rednecks" now exist in all states of the country and plan new actions to protect minorities from trampistov. And yes, they will protect them with firearms.

Interestingly, the anti-fascists, the organization was formed around the small club - just tend to fall, and the Organization of American "militia" to "police". Moreover, their rights opponents they borrowed almost the whole methodology. Now every weekend Antifa ustaivayte training and competition shooting. In addition, they are actively campaigning and recruiting on arms fairs - is a traditional meeting place of right-wing activists. A complete picture of the program "Uprising rednecks" gives them the slogan "Freedom for all working people - gays and transgender people, refugees and migrants, color, Muslims and Jews."

Paradoxical name of your organization, they explain the desire to rehabilitate the "rednecks" (literally - redneck), ie low-paid uneducated proletariat or the farmer from the provinces, who left the cave figures attributed to racism, conservatism and anti-Semitism. It is to rednecks are now paying their propaganda armed anti-fascist. Propaganda of this boils down to simple conclusions. Here is an example: "We will not help either Trump or Hillary or Bernie. Billionaires do not care about ordinary people. They divide us and especially set against white workers on the colored minority. We must unite and together to lead the class struggle. "

It is not clear how the white working class will unite with immigrants, who play the role today of strikebreakers, dumping on the labor market. It is doubtful, and what he wants to identify with the gay and transgender people - rural America is still highly religious. However, these clumsy flirting with a white proletariat overnight become the most popular trend in American politics.

After the blue-collar workers from the "rust belt" chose Trump, politicians of all varieties remembered the existence of millions of white workers and decided to bring them to his side. To do this, however, is not easy - interfere with university degrees, the old prejudices and class antagonism. Observer journalists, no representative of the white working class in the headquarters of "Rebellion rednecks" has not been noticed.

This class segregation characteristic of their political opponents. Trampisty also trying to hill the working class for their own purposes. However, their driving force - alternative rules - proved to be too far removed from the people.

The leader of the "traditionalist youth movement" Matthew Heimbach bitterly says about class and cultural fractures in white nationalism: "The enemy wants to divide us, we must also stand shoulder to shoulder." Solving the problem he sees in association with skinheads - "encouraging diversity of the working class subculture." But imagine how highly advanced geeks from alt-right to associate with skinheads from "rust belt", can not even in a nightmare.

In the camp of the Democrats, from which in the last elections and turned "blue collar" attitude toward the "rednecks Rebellion" yet skeptical. Given how informants infiltrated "police" and "militia", it is easy to assume that the intelligence services and the armed fascists managed to cover the cap. On their forums, many anarchists have hinted that the "rednecks Revolt" was specially created in order to provoke the most radical activists and let them down "under the article."

There are other suspicions. The fact that the political opponents of the Left had to master all the techniques of information warfare, which earlier lost almost without a fight. Through its forums such 4chan and sites like Breitbart they now also arrange hysteria over nothing and mythologize most banal incident. So, ordinary brawl with anti-fascists in Sacramento they dubbed "Battle of Sacramento", and brought in the top US news. Millions of people are organized in a few days to unwind complete freaks state media stars, for example, the Internet has become a real superhero party big fights at the University of Berkeley, who appeared on the battle in quilted armor with a stick and a shield.

Finally, alternative rules perfectly mastered the important skill of modern political activist - the ability to represent the victim. Master this technique was still Martin Luther King. Historian Devid Gerrou noted that the leader of the black activists always put at the forefront of their demonstrations of elderly women and children - if they got injured in the clashes, it provides information noise and the desired PR. Now the technology is based on the attention of the media used both left and right.

It was to expose themselves potential victims alto Right now unwind and the phenomenon of "Rebellion rednecks" - that is, they say, check out the wacky anti-fascists, they will kill us soon. This, in turn, causes the left-wing conspiracy theorists suspect that all the traffic - a solid fake, invented trampistami. But "Rise of rednecks" real and founded his famous anarchist David Strano.

"Antifa - our best allies - the right blogger writes. - Their madness makes the "norm" (mainstream Republicans) radicalized. " "The main goal of our demonstrations - echoes another - this video and snapshots, in which leftists literally go crazy."

However, AK, which hangs on the shoulder of anti-fascists, can really shoot. David Strano said that marching with weapons, he decided after seeing pictures of Ferguson's - in this city, where the black population pogrom, arrived armed white "militia" from different cities in the US. For the most part, they belonged to the movement, "which gave the oath." Their patrols are allowed to somehow maintain order.

Strano decided that he and his friends have to protect the minority of the color white. While it is unclear whether it comes to the local civil wars, will go there black on white and white on black, but their lawyers on both sides were already armed and ready for battle.

A source: LOOK

Author: Victoria Nikiforov

Tags: USA, Trump, Guns, Politics, Research, Riots