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Archpriest Trofimov:

Archpriest Trofimov: "The Vatican sets an ultimatum to Russia and Patriarch Kirill"

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The expansion of the Vatican into Russia under modern conditions acquires more and more sophisticated forms and methods. Without constraint and openly voiced ULTIMATUM. And what shall we answer? - the doctor of theology, archpriest Oleg Trofimov * asks.

* The opinions of the authors "NI" may not coincide with the position of the publication. In this case, it does not coincide with Mr. Trofimov's assessments and conclusions about the events in Ukraine, and Russia's relations with the West. However, the author's opinion is interesting in that it is typical enough for a very wide range of "ultrapatriots of the Russian world" and some of the ROC figures who reject any cooperation with the Vatican.

20-24 August 2017 is scheduled to visit the state secretary of the Vatican, Cardinal Pietro Parolina, to Russia. In connection with his trip, a PR campaign was launched in advance by the Catholic side. Of course, attracting attention due to the authority of world leaders is only one of the Vatican's goals.

On the one hand, the political leaders of Europe, even those who have traditionally associated themselves with Christianity, have long disregarded the Catholic Church for a long time; In their countries - the policy of homodictatorship, they destroy temples and build mosques. But, on the other hand, world leaders still have to reckon with the influence of the Vatican.

Dismantling of Christian Europe

It's not so much in the flock as in the powerful financial and political resources of the Vatican. Unequivocally, Europe is now a rather complicated situation, therefore the influence of the religious leader, once her symbol, is used for mutually beneficial purposes.

Russia, which has a repeated bitter experience of deception by Europe and the Vatican, should not be seduced by their peacefulness. There are obvious facts that Europe and the Vatican are enemies who have repeatedly betrayed and violated their obligations. If they run to the Russians with, ostensibly, a bow and peace offer, then there can only be two things behind this: either Jesuit infamy and perfidy, or they were properly bitten by a roasted cock. But all the same, after the help they will definitely betray. There is no miracle here (although, of course, everything is God's will, but certainly, there is no Vatican's will), its anti-Orthodox and anti-Russian stance - even if it is to the detriment of the economy and politics - they are not going to change!

Colleagues for the love of Russia: the State Secretary of the Vatican Cardinal Pietro Parolin and the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko

Colleagues for the love of Russia: the State Secretary of the Vatican Cardinal Pietro Parolin and the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko

So what about this visit is the Catholic side in good faith?

In an interview for the Italian magazine Corriere della Sera, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, in a global, Vatican style, states: "The world is a clear and urgent priority for both Pope Francis and me personally in this historic period when we are witnessing an increase in tensions and conflicts In different parts of the world. " (Reports Vatican Radio

Uncovered cynicism here is just off scale. Let's see, who is the offender of this world? In many countries, there is obvious discrimination against the Russians, but the Vatican is only expectantly silent. So where is the protection of human rights? In Ukraine, the same Greek Catholics and Ukrainian Catholics foment religious and civil confrontation, commit seizures of churches, kill Orthodox clergy. From the pulpits in simple rural parishes, in higher theological Catholic institutions (for example, UCU), in the Catholic media, the statements of the UGCC hierarchs sound unabashedly racism, Russophobia, xenophobia and orthodox phobia (, https: // In the Donbas, in the zone of delimitation, there are Polish military garrisons, who are religiously motivated to kill "Rusny", "quilts", "shovels", since the historical claims of Catholic Polish expansion "Polska od morza do morza" have not gone away! And if we follow the statements in the Polish media during the period when the Crimea returned to Russia, we will find many indignations and regrets in this regard, and not at all because for Poland Ukraine is a friend.

Poland "from sea to sea"

«Polska od morza do morza»

You ask, and what does Poland have to do with its state policy - and the Vatican? The fact is that a significant part of the Catholic clergy in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, the Baltic countries are Poles, it is through them that the Vatican "creates weather" among the flock, it is through them that intelligence and anti-state activities are carried out in favor of Western intelligence services and the Vatican, About which I wrote in detail in my article "What Church, Such and Saints".

So, let's focus on the main messages in an interview with Pietro Parolina and comment on them.

"The Holy See has a special interest in the vast eastern part of Europe ..."

I want to note that this is not just an interest in expanding the sphere of influence in Eastern Europe. On the Catholic site there is an article with the eloquent title "Holy Throne from Moscow to Beijing", which emphasizes the Vatican's exceptional role in preserving peace, with allusions to the desired expansion of these territories and human souls.

"After a period of ideological confrontation and new prospects opened after the end of the Cold War, it is important to support mutual respect, dialogue and cooperation, having the task of spreading the world."

After visiting such countries of this region as Belarus and Ukraine, the Caucasian and Baltic states, the next stage of the journey was Russia. In it nationalist militants can not yet operate like in Ukraine, where as a result of the war and civil confrontation, which Catholics also fan, they act as "peacekeepers" in the canonical Orthodox lands. An example of this is the visit by Cardinal Leonardo Sandri of the ATU zone, in which the Greek Catholics began to open their parishes. Throughout Ukraine, the number of captures of temples and attacks on Orthodox clergy is increasing (the capture of the Orthodox church in Kolomyia).

As time has shown, in spite of sincere hopes and expectations that the Vatican will adhere to the concluded agreements, the "Havana Declaration" remains a "scrap of hypocrisy". Here it is, in practice, "support for mutual respect, dialogue and cooperation."

Answering the question about what topics will be touched upon during the conversation with President Putin, Cardinal Parolin, it seems to me, passes to the ultimatum: "The Church does not cease to urge all politically responsible leaders of the planet not to oppose national or partial interests to the common good, to respect international law , That is not the right to force, but the power of law, to consent and cooperation between peoples. The method of this is always dialogue. "

The ultimatum is as follows. The fact is that in the West there has been a "privatization" of what is right, it is stuffed with contents that are alien to Christian doctrine. In Europe, there is a right to all kinds of unnatural perversion and corruption, under which the Vatican fully subscribed: the rights of LGBT people, euthanasia, pedophilia, drug legalization, juvenile justice, etc. For example, in the Vatican "to improve the image of the Catholic Church" even the post of the defender of LGBT rights was created, it is occupied by "father" James Martin. He is known for his shocking statement that "some Catholic saints were probably gay". LGBT rights defender "father" James Martin So, Russians, respect this "right", agree, embed it in yourself! This is a common good! "The method of this is always dialogue," for which the cardinal goes to Russia.

LGBT Rights Defender "Father" James Martin

According to the cardinal, with Patriarch Kirill they will talk about the interaction between the Churches. For, as he noted, "it is important to look for positive and open opportunities for the further development of inter-church relations and to make a constructive contribution on the part of the churches to solving problems that pose challenges to humanity."

In other words, we can say this: "We are already on our side as soon as we do not dance, and the relics of St. Nicholas have been brought to you, well, at least give something away, betray Orthodoxy! Where are the "positive and open opportunities" for us? "

The Secretary of State of the Vatican, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, also noted in his interview that among the tasks of his visit "there is no preparation for the possible journey of the Holy Father," while expressing the hope that, perhaps, it will be possible "with God's help, to make some contribution also in This direction. "

That is, the hopes that the Orthodox will accept the union during the Pope's visit still remain, and the Patriarch, in his opinion, should just do it, because the "Havana meeting" did not bring the desired result. While our Patriarch is holding on to Orthodox positions.

And what do we, sincere Orthodox Christians, answer this ultimatum of the Vatican?

Protopriest Oleg Trofimov
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