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"Poultry houses» Cyprus angered "traditional" shooting birds

Non-governmental organization BirdLife Cyprus condemned the Easter custom, which exists in the village of Omodos, where people shoot birds flying over houses.

Cyprus has many beautiful Easter traditions, the organization said in a statement, but "when the victims are custom poultry, beauty is no longer possible to call it."

Some residents Omodos just shoot in the air, while many aim at the swallows, swifts, great tits and other birds nesting in the village. "None of the species of birds, which carried out the firing, is not allowed to hunt, moreover, the law prohibits shooting outside the hunting season, and during the breeding period and in residential areas" - emphasizes BirdLife.

The organization calls on the public to report to the competent authority of any cases of illegal shooting of birds.

A source: VC

Tags: Cyprus, Birds, Shooting, Easter Traditions

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