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Putin: Europeans scare themselves

The EU does not need to inject and invent "mythical Russian threats" and "hybrid wars", the Europeans "invented themselves and then frighten themselves," President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with Le Figaro following his visit to France.

Putin stressed that both Russia and Europe want security, peace, prosperity and cooperation. "You do not need to push anything, you do not need to invent mythical Russian threats, some hybrid wars, and so on," RIA Novosti quoted him as saying.

"They themselves invented themselves, and then they frighten themselves, and on this basis you also formulate the prospects for politics," the Russian leader said, calling such a practice hopeless.

The head of the Russian state stressed that the prospects are only in cooperation in all areas, including security issues. He said that terrorism is the main problem in the sphere of security.

"In Europe they blow up, they blow up in Paris, they blow up in Russia, they blow up in Belgium, the war is going on in the Middle East. That's what you need to think about, "Putin said. "And we all argue what threats Russia creates."

Recall that Western politicians intimidate citizens with the so-called Russian threat and alleged interference of Russia in internal processes in different countries. Moscow has consistently and reasonably refuted all such accusations. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that it was high time to abandon the policy of "restraining" Russia and transfer it to the history archive.

A source: LOOK

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