Today: November 19 2018
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"Putin and his friends do not understand that America will crush them"

"Putin and his friends do not understand that America will crush them"

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Former Vice President Biden called on the entire US people to fight the Kremlin

Protect America from "Putin and his friends" should be members of Congress, private companies, political organizations and even ordinary Americans. "Mobilization" is necessary, because President of the United States Donald Trump is not going to take active measures to counter the Kremlin and even "escapes" from them. This opinion was former US Vice President Joe Biden in an article written by him together with ex-Assistant Deputy Minister of Defense Michael Carpenter and published in the journal Foreign Affairs.

The essay begins with the argument that the "triumph" of the United States over the USSR in the Cold War has clearly shown that Washington "must move towards its goals through the quiet but unswerving support of democratic institutions." It was as a result of this approach that Western democracy was chosen as a model for the "postcommunist" countries of Eastern and Central Europe, and many of them succeeded "under the enlightened leadership of NATO and the EU" to move from "dictatorship to democratic organization".

Russia, Biden said, could also make such a transition. But now this "dream" is "farther than ever", and today the Russian government "brazenly encroaches on the foundations of Western democracy around the world." According to the ex-vice-president, this "assault" is motivated by "the Kremlin's desire to protect its wealth and power." After all, "Putin and his friends" understand that the "kleptocratic system" that they created "only looks strong, while remaining fragile inside," and they fear that "if they weaken the suffocating seizure of civil society around the neck, enthusiastic applause can quickly change into disgruntled screams and contemptuous whistling. "

After arguing that the best defense would be an attack, the Russian authorities "decided to fight outside their borders." The hostile actions of Moscow are numerous and diverse, Biden assures. However, he is sure that the West has every opportunity to oppose Russia. And this requires the following decisive action:

- NATO members need to actively strengthen their cybersecurity by involving private companies in the process;

- Western governments - to keep sanctions against Moscow and deal with "blatant vulnerabilities in their electoral systems, financial sectors, information infrastructure";

"Washington, while maintaining channels of communication with Russia as a" nuclear superpower, "needs to" defend liberal democracy and its interests. "

Trump, Biden said, does not want to oppose the Kremlin. If so, "Americans all together should reject foreign influence on democratic institutions, and not allow demagogues inside the country and tyrants abroad to divide us." What is behind the calls of the former vice-president to drop Americans - from small to large, to storm the Kremlin?

- According to Biden, the Americans failed to dock Russia in 1980-1990 years, but should not despair, - believes Political scientist, director of the Institute for Political Studies Sergei Markov. - The US needs to go the old way, trodden during the Cold War, which led to the elimination of the USSR and the subordination of part of the post-Soviet republics to Washington's policy.

In fact, Joe Biden's speech is a perfect response to our idealists from the liberal camp who believe that it is possible to reconcile with the elites of the West. Biden makes it clear that reconciliation is impossible, because the United States does not distinguish between modern Russia and the Soviet Union. Although there is no communist power in the Russian Federation, there is no ideology hostile to America, and there is, on the contrary, a completely market economy. In addition, democracy in Russia is certainly more than in some partner countries like Saudi Arabia or Jordan.

If we reject the "democratic" rhetoric, Russia for the US is the enemy for the sole reason: it acts independently, without looking back at Washington.

"SP": - What Biden and the circles behind him are trying to get inside America?

- They declare that the US foreign policy can and should be conducted without Trump. According to Biden, you need to endure the time until this strange man - Donald Trump - occupies the Oval Office. Plus, it is necessary to consolidate American political institutions in such a way that they autonomously from the White House pursued an anti-Russian policy in the spirit of Barack Obama.

Joe Biden, in addition, seeks personally to enter the coordinating headquarters, which will formulate recommendations for a common foreign policy outside the participation of President Trump.

It is expected that the US Congress, the CIA, the FBI, various American funds and the media will listen to the recommendations of this staff.

"JV": - How real is this plan?

- It is quite real, especially taking into account the unprofessionalism of Donald Trump in the foreign policy sphere.

Here we need to take into account another point: the struggle for leadership within the Democratic Party, which is now exacerbated. The most popular politician in the party - Bernie Sanders - the party top, thanks to the advantage in the hardware resource, has actually pushed aside from the leadership position. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton is no longer perceived by Democrats as a strong leader. As a result, Barack Obama and the same Joe Biden claim leadership.

I note Biden is very popular in the party, and still has a solid political weight. He was retired, but the situation unfolded so that he again makes an attempt to become a leader.

"SP": - What can Russia expect from Biden's activities?

- Joe Biden for us is not a light of democracy, but one of the authors of the bloody Russophobic regime that the US has established in Ukraine. He is a representative of the so-called "deep state" in America, which seeks to worsen relations with Russia, and to more aggressive attacks on Moscow. But how the Russian-American relations will really develop - the question is still open, and it is not Biden that determines these relations.

"Joe Biden has never hid before what the West would like to see Russia," he said. expert of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies Sergei Ermakov. - Moreover, it is for the US democrats that the tactic of pressure in all directions is typical, with the focus on, for example, respect for human rights. In the opinion of Biden's party members, Russia does not follow these values, substituting for their own vision of democracy, which the Americans have never agreed with.

Now the democrats return to Moscow's favorite criticism. This is, first, because of the aggravation of the struggle of elites within America itself. In its framework, the Democrats once again try to show that Trump is a weak president who is unable to lead a number of areas. Including, by building a policy towards Russia.

A characteristic detail: Biden puts forward in his essay a counterbalance to Trump's promise "to make America great again" - says that America has always been great.

In these coordinates, the former vice-president proposes to fight against Russia. According to his version, it is not Washington that should soften something in politics on the Russian direction. This Moscow must unconditionally take into account that it is necessary to follow the instructions of the leader in the person of the US in every way - and the point.

The Democrats have another reason to speak out about the attitude to Moscow - the forthcoming presidential election. I think American analysts are well aware of the chances of winning Vladimir Putin. Nevertheless, the United States does not miss the opportunity to send a message from the Russian opposition: to confirm that Washington, regardless of the outcome of the vote, will continue to rely on support for liberal-oriented circles in Russia.

I must say, this approach is shared by a whole pool of influential American politicians. In fact, we are talking about the classical policy of restraining Moscow - it is no coincidence that Biden's essay contains several references to the experience of the Cold War. In fact, the former vice-president says that the instruments of the Cold War should be studied, revised, adapted and actively used against Russia again. Since it is Russia for the United States that again is the geopolitical rival No. 1.

"JV": - What conclusions should the Kremlin make of this situation?

"We need to be prepared for the fact that the policy of deterrence of the Russian Federation will be fought even more vigorously, regardless of the political changes within the United States. This means that no matter what groupage comes to power in America, no matter what trends are gaining popularity in it, the main goal of Washington will remain unchanged - to maintain the position of the United States as a world leader. With such attitudes, Russia will always irritate the US - as long as it remains sovereign, and while making decisions based on its national interests.

Andrey Polunin
Free Press
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