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02.05.2017 - 21: 05

Putin and Trump have to agree on a meeting place

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin's upcoming conversation can be a turning. In its first hundred days of the new American president in general repulsed most powerful domestic political attack, including the "Russian line". Now he can move on to the fact that he was forced to postpone - a personal acquaintance with Vladimir Putin.

Telephone conversation Trump and Putin appeared on the agenda of a sudden. For obvious reasons, the White House prefers until the last minute not to announce the contacts with the Kremlin - Moscow and, entering into the position also remained silent.

And now about the telephone conversations, it became known only a few hours in advance. However, the day before, 1 May held a telephone conversation the two heads of the Foreign Ministries - Rex Tillerson called Sergei Lavrov to discuss "certain issues on the bilateral sphere of relations" and "schedule of upcoming Russian-American contacts, including the agreed interview on the sidelines of the ministerial meeting of the Arctic Council Fairbanks (USA) 10-11 May. "

We can assume that on Monday it was finally agreed and the conversation the two presidents - and not only the current telephone. It is likely that the outcome of today's talks, Putin and Trump will be announced on the place and time of the meeting of the two presidents. Or just the two leaders agree among themselves, and have an official announcement about the summit will be made public next week. For example, after meeting Lavrov Tillerson in Alaska, ie 11 of May.

Later already left quite a few. After introduction of the two presidents may take place already 27-28 May: after the end is the part of the European trip Trump that is associated with participation in the NATO summit in Brussels, and the summit of the "Big Seven" in Sicily. In recent days, the possibility of meeting between Putin and Trump in one of the European capitals wrote both domestic and Western media - but the newspaper view presupposes the opportunity for another five weeks ago. The next window for Putin Summit - Trump will appear only at the beginning of July, during the summit of "Big Twenty" in Hamburg. But it is clear that in the interests of both leaders to hold substantive talks as soon as possible.

It is understandable that the prevent: an unprecedented attack, which was subjected to Trump immediately after the election victory, especially on the eve of and during the first months after his inauguration. Trump accused of "Russian relations." Liberal and globalist part of the American establishment decided that this is the best direction for the impact of the new president. The main goal was to put Trump in the eyes of American society as a weak president who manipulates (or could potentially manipulate) hostile foreign power. That is, to prepare the groundwork for a permanent blackmail threat of impeachment of the new president.

As a result, the first time Trump was forced to fight back - and only in April, he was able to turn the tide in their favor. However, for this he had to hit the Syrian military base and scare all threatened strike on North Korea, that is actually the beginning of a nuclear war. Blow "Tomahawk" on Syria 8 April and the subsequent injection soon the situation around North Korea was addressed to the three parties.

First, the American public. Trump almost completely interrupted the agenda, which had previously dominated the American media - "Trump weak, incompetent, his Russian entangled, down, all he did not like Americans and outraged protest." Now this was an order of magnitude smaller: all believed that Trump is not a Russian agent and not a wimp. After he hit the ally of Putin's tough pressure on North Korea, and a constant reminder that China should solve the "North Korea problem". It does not matter that this has not led to any real change in the situation, neither in Syria nor with the North Korean nuclear program - the Inter agenda irreversibly changed.

Secondly, bluff Trump was part of the game with Xi Jinping. Even Trump's constant talk about the intention to get along with Putin and had Chinese dimension - on the background of his own Chinese accusations of currency manipulation. Starting last year with talks on the limitation of Chinese exports to the US, continuing a telephone conversation with the president of Taiwan, Trump still managed to bring usually sverhspokoynoe Chinese leadership is out of balance. Otherwise it is impossible to explain Xi Jinping agreed to come to Florida to Trump - despite the fact that the next visit of the American president meant a trip to China.

But having arrived at Trump's estate, Xi Jinping was faced with the poker-mannered American president: a blow to the Syrian air base was part of the game with the Chinese leader. With all of this Trump was important to make an impression on Xi to become in his eyes a strong player - a real concessions on contentious issues, he did not expect.

When Trump asked Xi to help to deal with North Korea in exchange for a reduced position in terms of the US and China trade, it was the only way to put pressure on Beijing. It would be strange if Trump seriously hoped that

A source: LOOK

Author: Peter Akopov

Tags: Putin, Trump, Russia, USA, Politics, International Relations, Research