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Putin: The Islamic world will always find a reliable ally in Russia

The Islamic world can be sure that in the face of Russia, he finds a reliable ally, ready to help solve pressing problems, according to President Vladimir Putin's address to the participants of the session of strategic vision group "Russia - Islamic World".

"The agenda of your meeting addresses important issues, many of which are directly related to the events that are happening at the moment in a number of Muslim countries and called, without exaggeration, a global response," - said Putin's message read out at the plenary session of the meeting in Kazan, RIA "Novosti".

According to Putin, with the participation of Russia was dealt a powerful blow to the terrorists, yet the terrorists and their supporters are still trying to destabilize the situation, by all means to undermine international efforts for a peaceful settlement.

"I would like to confirm that in the face of Russian Islamic world will always find a reliable ally, ready to assist in solving urgent problems. We support the active position of Muslim countries to consolidate in the international relations of the principles of justice, the rule of law ", - said the president.

He also expressed hope that the current meeting of the Group of strategic vision "Russia - Islamic World" will strengthen trust and cooperation between Russia and the Muslim countries.

Earlier this week, President Vladimir Putin greeting participants of the seventh international meeting of high representatives in charge of security issues, said that Russia is ready for close international cooperation to combat terrorism.

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