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Putin is targeting Russia for world leadership

Putin is targeting Russia for world leadership

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Vladimir Putin's speech at the People's Front forum on Tuesday was his first keynote speech during the campaign that began. And although it did not take much time, and the election program itself has not yet been made public, it is already possible to judge by this, in essence, Putin's "introductory word" about why he is going to the elections. To bring Russia to the leading positions in the world.

Vladimir Putin's self-nomination to the presidency does not mean that he forgets about the People's Front he created - it was at the ONF action forum that the president delivered his first keynote speech. In it, he outlined why he goes to the polls.

Let's start with the main motivation - Putin wants to make absolutely irreversible what he has been doing all these years.

And this is above all the strengthening of the country and the preparation of a new elite. And if the first was his undoubted priority for all 18 years, then the renewal of the elite has become for him the most important task since 2012. The second process will become increasingly important in the next presidential term of Putin, not just because he will be his last in this post, but because of the quality of the managerial and, more broadly, the national elite, the irreversibility of everything that does Putin.

It is possible and should further strengthen and develop the country, solve numerous problems and meet new challenges. But if you do not form a new, honest and clever elite, everything can be lost in one moment. We have already seen how everything collapsed in 1991, and remember how "Russia faded" a hundred years ago. In no case should we allow even the possibility of a repetition of this, and in this, Putin, undoubtedly, sees the most important task:

"And we can not stumble, get off the chosen course, otherwise we'll have to start again from scratch.

... All of us must remember that Russia, our people, and in fact all our families have gone through a very difficult and too difficult period of their history in the previous century: through revolutions, wars, cardinal changes in the whole way of life. Today, we simply must protect our statehood and freedom, stability and harmony in society. To protect everything, even the modest ones that have already been achieved. To ensure that our achievements and real changes for the better were irreversible, so that our strength was directed to the benefit and development of the Fatherland! "

Putin considers his most important task not the preparation of a successor, but the formation of a whole class of "servants of the sovereigns", state people who consider work for society, the state, the people a worthy and respected business. Patriots, not indifferent people, combining high professional qualities with moral principles and strong-willed core. It is these that Putin sees among activists in the Popular Front, and exactly what he wants to involve in the work on the state at all levels:

"It is no coincidence that the very idea of ​​the Popular Front was born in Volgograd, in a city that during the Great Patriotic War stood to the death for interests, when our soldiers died in the name of their families, in the name of our future. And today, of course, we live in peaceful conditions, but you have chosen very correct and necessary directions in protecting people's interests. These are well-known projects that you are engaged in, this is public control in the sphere of public procurement, health care, education, it is the protection of the environment and the arrangement of territories, these are roads, that is, infrastructure.

The main thing is that these and other initiatives bring tangible, concrete results for our people. And it is very important that they are reached by thousands of indifferent, active people from all regions of the country. You are very cool at it ...

The desire to work for the common good, to take care of the destiny of the country, its future - the most reliable basis for the successful solution of the tasks facing us. Of course, these tasks, these unresolved problems are still very, very much: both everyday, and more remote, strategic. After all, we are moving forward, striving to be modern, prosperous, strong. And, I am sure, we will succeed! "

It will not be because you want to believe in Putin, but because we have done a lot in recent years. The president reminded of this - before he named the three main tasks, which, in his opinion, were in front of the country.

"We have already proved that we can realize dreams and the most ambitious plans, overcome the most difficult tests in spite of all circumstances. That's what we were not told at the beginning of the 2000: this is the collapse of the country, the state collapse, this is the extinction of the nation, the inability to respond to the challenges we faced in the fight against international terrorism, the inability to solve many social problems, from economic problems.

Indeed, the situation was very difficult, and sometimes even critical. But we not only preserved the integrity and sovereignty of Russia, not only successfully passed the difficult path of renewal, but also made real breakthroughs in the most important areas of development. They stepped far ahead - in the economy, in the social sphere, and in ensuring the country's security. They created a powerful base, reserves, modern potential for further confident advance. We achieved this ourselves. Efforts and will of workers and engineers, rural workers, scientists, entrepreneurs, teachers, servicemen. Our faith in ourselves and in our own country - in Russia!"

Putin contrasted this support to his own strength, which many have now forgotten, and young people do not know, by the naive and stupid faith that came to power at the beginning of the 90 post-Soviet "elite" that "the foreign country will help us." This belief-hope was based on the old complex of self-abasement, and even Smerdyakovism, to which part of the "best people" that surfaced then was struck - stupid and backward Russia will cease to be a threat to the West with its totalitarianism-communism, and for this "advanced civilizations" will teach us the right way of life. Putin did not rebuke those who believed then in this in our country - he "walked" on those who conducted such speeches from abroad:

"Recall, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, we heard a lot of sweet, good speeches, but really no one helped us. Yes, we did not count on it. We do not need any help from outside. We built a new country, rebuilt an independent Russia. We have learned to firmly defend our interests, have realized the power and continuity of our common history, the value of our achievements, the reliability of our cohesion. "

At the same time, of course, there is no dizziness either from his own or from the general successes of Putin. Therefore, he reminds:

"I repeat: we still have much to do. First of all, for the well-being of citizens, in order to overcome poverty and inequality. And the level of these problems is, unfortunately, still very high. "

But aside from unresolved problems, there are also new challenges that need to be understood and to find ways to solve them. Because it is impossible to evade the challenges - we will not retain even what we have. Putin calls three main challenges:

"We must adequately respond to the fateful, historic challenges. What kind?

This is the saving and multiplying of our people.

This is the creation of a new economy. Development of the Arctic, the Far East, Siberia, and all regions of our vast country.

Finally, this is the challenge of the future - a real revolution in medical technologies, in the technologies themselves as such in the broadest sense of the word. In education. Separate from these global trends or try to just follow someone - of course, this is not our choice, it can not be our choice. "

It is clear that all three theses will be deciphered in detail by Putin in the course of the election campaign, but the common features are clear right now.

The saving and multiplying of the people is an increase both in the number and duration of the life of the people of Russia, and in its quality. Large families, a healthy atmosphere - both public and natural - these are the conditions in which the Russian people must live. Nothing is more important for Putin than that.

The creation of a new economy - through the development of all regions, but especially the Arctic, the Far East and Siberia. This is Putin's declared a few years ago the turn of Russia to the East, towards the Pacific Ocean and the Arctic way from Asia to Europe - which has a huge potential for development, huge economic and infrastructure opportunities.

A coup in technology, including medical and educational. This is what Putin called the challenge of the future - which should not just be accepted now, but set as the main goal, as in his time the space project. The XXI century will be the century of artificial construction of living nature - biotechnology will change everything, including life expectancy of homo sapiens. To evade the competition of countries and civilizations in this area, Russia really can not - if we want to preserve ourselves as an independent civilization.

And we must not only participate, but also win. Because otherwise we will be dashed and because less than a victory we do not agree.

"We have all the opportunities, and we have largely done so, to restore those competencies, where we, of course, have always been leaders. And we will certainly break through to the new competencies that we need for development, there is no doubt about it. We must be leaders: in knowledge, intellect, social and cultural development - and at the same time, of course, to preserve its identity, to rely on its best traditions. All these tasks For years to come. "

Putin's speech has already been compared with the Munich speech, in the sense that then, 10 years ago, he spoke about the unacceptability of a unipolar world and the inevitability of a multipolar offensive, and now, as it were, states the presence of a bipolar, that is, Russia's claim to the position of a world leader. But in fact, Vladimir Putin does not swing at anything that is impossible - the very essence of Russia is to be a leader. Not a dictator, not a hegemon, not a teacher, but one who paves the way. Goes forward. Returning to this destination of Russia is a sign that she is alive and will live. As Putin said, "a strong, forward-looking Russia needs all of us, and everything depends on us!".

Peter Akopov
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