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Putin called Russia the problem in Syria

President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with the Northern Fleet officers who distinguished themselves during the campaign to the coast of Syria, called the Russian challenge in Syria preservation of the country's legitimate authority and "end the terrorist plague."

"We do not set ourselves the task to interfere in Syria's internal affairs. Our goal - to stabilize the country's legitimate government and deal a decisive blow to international terrorism "- said the President.

We believe first and foremost from the fact that Syria must preserve its territorial integrity. Although we can see, not all people think so. I am particularly concerned about the confessional division, that is, members of one religious group move and concentrate in some regions of the country, representatives of other religious groups move and concentrate in other parts of the country. And this, of course, the prototype of the possible negative consequences for the country ", - Putin said, RIA" Novosti ".

In addition, the president said, for Russia no less important is the fact that in Syria on the side of the militants are fighting to 4 thousand immigrants from Russia and about 5 thousand immigrants from other countries of the former USSR. This was Putin said, citing data from the General Staff of the GRU and "our other special services, the FSB, for example", reports TASS.

Putin also said that the actions of the military of the Northern Fleet have caused serious damage to the rebels in Syria.

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