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"Putin beats everyone at these meetings"

Negotiations of Vladimir Putin with Donald Trump at the G20 summit in Hamburg became the victory of the Russian leader. In this world media converge, which followed the course of the epic conversation. But Trump also looked "presidential", as acknowledged by American journalists who criticized him. Observers saw in Russian-American relations the beginning of a new stage.

The meeting between the presidents of Russia and the US, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, about the possibility of which they began to speak after Trump's victory in the presidential election, finally took place. Its significance turned out to be so great that it turned into the main event of the first day of the G20 summit in Hamburg, overshadowing the main agenda and the speech of the hostess of the event, Chancellor Angela Merkel. This conclusion was reached by the world media covering the event.

Dozens of journalists literally chased the two presidents, breathing them in the back. Only during the closed part of the meeting both leaders managed to escape from the attention of the world community.

The greatest attention to these historic negotiations was riveted by the American media. The words that the conversation lasted more than two hours, begins with a report from the summit, the American newspaper The New York Times, which emphasizes that "all eyes were fixed on Trump and Putin." However, the newspaper states that Russia and the United States have few points of contact, as Trump made clear by his speech in Warsaw before arriving in Germany.

The publication writes that Trump "raised before Putin the question of Moscow's interference in the election of 2016, using their epic first personal meeting in order to directly discuss the topic that plagues the White House." But then the presidents "quickly moved on to a discussion about how they can work together, including countering cyberattacks and contributing to the de-escalation of the conflict in Syria."

The American CNN television channel, which has repeatedly been criticized by Trump for biased reporting on his victory in the election and allegedly Russian interference in the election campaign, concluded that the conversation was similar to the conversation of people who "know each other well" and dialogue Did not turn into an exchange of courtesies. Moreover, Trump "looked like a president".

The TV channel concludes that the meeting "overshadowed the whole agenda of the G20 summit" and "each of the leaders considers another person to be able to negotiate with."

At the same time, CNN claims that Vladimir Putin, who spoke with Merkel in German, was very good at the facts and showed everyone "who is in charge here." "He beats everyone at these meetings," CNN TV host Fareed Zakaria admitted.

The channel is sure that the meeting exceeded Moscow's expectations, it turned out to be substantial and the presidents discussed several issues on the world agenda. The same conclusion was reached by the British press, known for its critical attitude towards Russia.

As the newspaper Daily Telegraph writes, Trump, who "shook hands with" Vladimir Putin, was friendly to the Russian leader. At the same time, the publication acknowledges that Trump was not limited to one handshake and that the leaders had much to discuss.

Another influential American newspaper, The Washington Post, which also recalls the past months since Trump's victory in the elections, notes that even the wife of the American leader, Melania, could not prevent the negotiations, which at one point tried to interrupt the conversation and went into the room with the presidents, but The conversation lasted another hour.

The newspaper claims that disagreements over Syria, the Ukrainian crisis and other problems "divided the nation for years." At the same time, the newspaper quoted the statement of Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matvienko that the meeting could be the first step towards getting out of the situation in which the relations between the two countries turned out to be.

According to The Washington Post, this conversation was waiting for the whole world and the presidents intended to promote the relationship, leaving the differences behind. As a result, the newspaper concludes that Trump escaped the blunders that sometimes occur in such meetings, but Vladimir Putin benefited more "by using the opportunity to return from diplomatic isolation."

German edition of Deutsche Welle also focuses on the length of the negotiations, which is why Putin was late for the evening concert and did not have time for a general picture of G20 participants. But "those who wanted to see the handshake of the presidents were rewarded in full."

"The handshake was short, but warm: Trump held Putin by the elbow and slapped him on the forearm. The Russian president, smiling, pointed at Trump with his index finger: they say, we'll talk again, "the newspaper writes, which also gives the opinion of the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine, which called the meeting" a small victory for Putin. "

A source: LOOK

Author: Andrew Rezchikov

Tags: Trump, Putin, Russia, United States, International Relations, Analytics, Politics, Media, West, G20

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