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Putin sent different signals to Europe and the US

International themes traditionally occupies an important position on Vladimir Putin's annual press conference, and 12-th meeting with the press the president spoke on a variety of topics, from the actual to the eternal. But most importantly, of course, were the war in Syria and relations with the US. More precisely - with Donald Trump.

On the foreign journalists asked Putin's press conferences are not just about large-scale topics, but also about the purely national. So this time the president said, among other things, questions about relations with Georgia and (for the umpteenth time) on the investigation of the crash with the Polish president at Smolensk.

There was also symbolically important answer to the question of the Chinese television, which Putin specifically stressed that the relations between Russia and China - is a stabilizing element in the world, and they can even be called more than a strategic partnership. Note that we value these relationships and will develop them, was done, of course, taking into account the context. Donald Trump is already trying to aggravate relations between Washington and Beijing, while he openly advised to use the announced them as closer to Moscow to pressure on the Celestial Empire.

No US-Russia "detente" yet, it does not yet negotiated the terms on which it can happen. But it is clear that in the virtual triangle is that Putin, Xi Jinping and Trump all carefully analyze each other's actions. However, the "message" of Putin was not "intercepted" the participants of the press conference. The journalists were interested in or what Putin has said more than once, or ask about, as it was clear that the president will not say publicly.

It is good that they asked at least about the triangle lying just on the information surface - Russia - Iran - Turkey, to the "big three", thanks to which there was a serious break in the Syrian war. Putin specifically noted that the interaction of the three countries played a very important role in the settlement of the situation around Aleppo. The President said that "the President of Turkey and the President and the Iranian leadership played a very big role in this", he also mentioned "the goodwill and work that was conducted by the President of the Syrian Arab Republic, Mr. Assad and his staff."

It is clear that, although the formation of the troika was another sign of the weakening of US influence in the Middle East, Moscow is not going to even pretend that we are going to solve the Syrian issue "for three."

"I would not forget the interests and involvement of other countries in the region. This Jordan, Saudi Arabia, is, of course, Egypt. Of course, without such a global player like the United States, it would also be wrong to address the issues of this kind, so we are ready to work with all "- With these words, Putin outlined the main range of countries that Russia considers the main negotiators on the military and then political reconciliation in Syria, which is expected to start in Astana. Among them, by the way, is not the European Union. And although it is clear that EU officials will be involved in the negotiations, Putin's "forgetfulness" is not accidental.

Because, in response to another question - whether Russia benefits from a weak, bogged down in the problems of Europe - President spoke tough enough on the lack of independence of the European Union. Over the past three years, he does not do it the first time, but now his words were very specific:

"If we are to address issues related to the construction of our relations between Europe and Russia, should be treated in a third country or to a third country, then Europe with the most uninteresting talk."

That is Putin, repeating the old position that we, of course, it is better to "Europe spoke with one voice to a partner with whom we can talk," said the most important thing for us ( "what is important", saying Putin's language ) that it was "an independent partner." That is, you can be centralized, federal Europe or a union of sovereign states - but Russia is the most important for you to be independent. And all bilateral issues with the Old World could be addressed on the continent, and not overseas.

So that Russia's attitude to cooperation with the EU remains unchanged. We did not worsen relations impose sanctions - and if Europe is ready to responsibly discuss the future of mutual relations, for Russia will not be found.

In addition, the President expressed his condolences to the relatives of the victims of the Berlin terrorist attack and stressed that it is possible to fight terrorism only together - citing as an example the situation when the United Kingdom refused to cooperate with the FSB on anti-terror. This was an indirect reproach to the German authorities - because, although there is a weak interaction with Germany on anti-terrorism issues, in Europe, and in Germany in particular, there is growing discontent with the fact that the EU continues the war of sanctions against Russia instead of together with Moscow to confront the terrorist danger.

Putin, Merkel did not mention by name, and did not say much about the attack Berlin. But it was during his press conference, it was reported that in Milan, was shot dead the alleged perpetrator of the Berlin attack. And in order to report the news, German TV channels interrupted a live broadcast of Putin's press conference.

Yes, this year for the first time two German news TV channel conducted a live broadcast of the press conference, the Russian president: PHOENIX channel (included in the structure of public service broadcasting Germany, analogue of the Russian RTR) and non-governmental national news channel N-TV.

By itself, this fact speaks not only about the interest of the Germans to the Russian positions on key global issues, but also about the fact that in Germany all the great prestige enjoyed Putin personally. And we can safely predict that the upcoming election campaign will sound, and the theme of "understanding of Putin," and play the card of "pro-Putin politicians." Unless, of course, Western elites have not learned anything after Breksita and Trump and try to play again, "Putin - the master of the universe."

Naturally, at the press conference Putin asked and about how to be "the most powerful man in the world", and that he plans to meet with Trump. Talking about his influence Putin was not interested - not to mention the fact that it is indiscreet and stupid - but it took the issue to speak out on US elections.

And he said about the president-elect phrase, which will now be constantly cited in the US: "Although no one believed - except you - that he (Trump) will win." Clearly, this is a deliberate provocation - Putin urged on globalist elite, answering her "revelations" Trump as "Russian candidate."

"We believed in his victory" will be served in the West as "we put" and "we help" Trump. Well, let them. This will only further evidence of how the West to demonize Russia, distorting or simply do not understand the meaning of what Putin says. And at the same time and the president walked across the democratic (ie Atlanticist) elite:

"All of the failures the current administration and leadership of the United States Democratic Party is trying to put the blame on external factors ... In this regard, I have questions and some concerns. We know that the Democratic Party has lost not only the presidential elections, but the elections to the Senate, where Republican majority in Congress, where most Republicans. Is that - is also ours, too, is my job? And then had a feast on the ruins of the chapel of the XVII century chapel, too ... we broke up?

... All of this indicates that there are systemic problems in the current administration in the United States ... The Democrats are losing on all fronts and are looking for the guilty on the side. You must be able to lose with dignity. "

Commenting on the fact that it is supported by many supporters Trump, the president said that "the fact that the Republicans in the United States are sympathetic to the Russian president, I see signs that they have the same ideas about the structure of the world, about values ​​with us." This is a good premise to build good relations, Putin said:

"Mr. Trump during the election campaign said that he believes the right to normalize Russian-American relations, and said that the worst is definitely not to be, because the worse. I agree with him. We think together how to make so that was better. "

One of the last at the press conference was the question of the timing of his meeting with Trump. Putin replied that he must first give the elected president time to form its own administration, "without it, probably just a meeting unprepared inappropriate." But after Putin's press conference again asked about Trump - Did he go to the talks in the United States is ready. "If you invite, of course, I'll come," - said Putin:

"I would really like us to have a president-elect and future of the Democratic Party leaders lined business constructive relationship that is going to benefit both the United States and the Russian Federation, and the peoples of both countries."

He added that he hopes that next year there will come a change in relations between the two countries:

"Changes in our interstate relations, to translate into normal state cooperation for solving problems faced by our country and the whole world, primarily in the areas of security, sustained economic development - have a lot in order to work together."

We will see. Come soon: less than a month Trump sworn in as US president. But, no matter how developed in the next year, relations between Putin and Trump, Russia and the United States, the president has shown once again that all of its geopolitical plans are based on one simple achievement:. "We are simply stronger than any aggressor, and so"

A source: LOOK

Author: Peter Akopov

Tags: Putin, Russia, Politics, US, EU, China, Middle East

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