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Putin received the German Foreign Minister

On Thursday Russian President Vladimir Putin met with German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel on the eve of the 20 Group summit in Hamburg.

Vladimir Putin received in the Kremlin, Vice-Chancellor, Foreign Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany Sigmar Gabriel. Various aspects of Russian-German relations were discussed.

In addition, the head of the Russian state positively assessed the Conference of partner cities of the two countries taking place in Krasnodar, in which the German minister took part.

* * *

Vladimir Putin: Dear Mr. Minister! Dear colleagues!

We are very glad to see you in Moscow.

I know that you yesterday in Krasnodar conducted a lot of work related to the interaction of cities, regions of Russia and Germany. But I must say that at the national level, our relations are developing, in spite of certain difficulties. The turnover is growing: this year it has grown for the first time to a considerable extent; For the first quarter of this year has grown.

There are other positive trends, we are very happy about this, we need to fix this. I hope that your visit will also contribute to this.

The Federal Republic is preparing to host a large forum - the forum of the "big twenty". We share the priorities that have been chosen by Germany and will do everything in our power in every way to implement the agreements that I am sure will be achieved during this joint work.

Z. Gabriel (as translated): Dear Mr. President! Dear Colleagues!

I'm glad to be here, I am glad to have the opportunity to talk with you again.

Yesterday we had a very impressive event in Krasnodar, it was very impressive to see the representatives of municipalities and regions that were present there.

We received the most stormy applause, when they said that, contrary to political differences, people should be brought together, not divided. And after this event we had the opportunity to discuss all political issues.

The G20 summit will in fact be a very large event, and we hope that in the fields of this event we will have the opportunity to connect, for example, the US President with you.

And we hope that we will reach a joint agreement on climate protection. We very much hope for the strength of the dialogue that will be between the twenty states that are represented there. That is, we have quite a lot of work ahead.


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