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Putin prescribed the American elite tablets against Russophobia

Russia insists on stopping the transfer of the problems of domestic political struggle in the United States to the sphere of international relations. On Friday, Vladimir Putin openly laughed at "evidence of Russian interference in US elections," spoke of the European leaders' resentment towards Washington and was looking for a tablet for an American journalist.

The St. Petersburg Economic Forum is dedicated to serious economic issues, the leaders of the largest international campaigns, heads of state and government, ministers and businessmen come to visit it. Various current and eternal topics are discussed, negotiations are being held and deals are being concluded - and President Putin will certainly take part.

He has various events within the framework of the forum - meetings with investors, media leaders, prime ministers and ministers. Closed and not very much. But for the broad masses, the main event is undoubtedly the participation of Putin in one of the plenary sessions. And not even the speech of the president, and the subsequent conversation with him, the journalist, the host of the event.

These journalists are new each year, they have only one common thing - they are stars of American media, usually television. Thanks to this tradition, it was possible to accurately predict what will be the main part of Putin's answers this Friday - yes, to "Russian interference" in the elections in the US and Donald Trump.

Because that's what excites the entire American press. Any American presenter could not resist asking the Russian president about Trump. And even more so, Megen Kelly could not be kept from the NBS television channel, which this time was called to be a moderator of the SPIEF meeting. After all, this is the same Kelly, who then worked on Fox, whose full-time and correspondence exchanges with presidential candidate Trump became one of the main "chips" of the election campaign in the United States. And Kelly did not disappoint. Although she asked about Syria, and about China, and even a couple of times appealed to Prime Minister Modi, yet the goal was achieved: she arranged a Trump show with Putin. However, even she hardly expected that the president of Russia this time will be, as they say, in shock.

Putin was not playing too much with Kelly. Although he joked and jabbed a lot, it was clear that it was really important for him to convey to the American audience a very concrete idea. It's simple: hysteria about the "Russian interference" in the American elections is dangerous for everyone, enough to transfer your domestic political problems to the international arena, this is very harmful to the situation in the world.

"This is the transfer of internal political squabbles in the United States to the external arena, an attempt to solve domestic issues using foreign policy instruments."

This topic Putin touched on and a couple of hours before in a meeting with representatives of the American business community. They Putin, in response to the remark that cooperation in the economy depends on the establishment of a political dialogue between Russia and the United States, "returned the puck":

"Help us to restore normal political dialogue. I ask you on behalf of Russia and I appeal to the American side: help the newly elected president, the head of the administration of the United States. "

It was, of course, a reminder that Trump is not allowed to work, Putin said this on Thursday with the heads of foreign news agencies. In a closed part of this conversation, Putin said (in the reverse translation of Bloomberg) that the ongoing "Russophobic hysteria" in the United States is aimed at "to prevent the current US president from working normally." At the same time, Putin expressed the hope that "sooner or later it will end", but "we are patient people. We know how to wait, and we will wait. "

To wait for the losing elections to recognize the new reality, Trump admits. On which Putin on Thursday, at the same meeting with news agencies, has already complimented. Because, after observing his actions, the president of Russia can now say that he is thinking about his American colleague (while a year ago Putin refused to give an evaluation of the personality of Trump):

"He is a direct and sincere person. I think this is an advantage. He has a fresh view of things. It can not be classed as ordinary politicians. "

All this Putin said on Thursday - and on Friday Megen Kelly again began to ask him about Russian interference in the American elections. At the same time speaking about this as a real fact, as a matter of course, recalling the report of 18 American intelligence agencies, allegedly existing evidence from independent sources about the traces left by Russian hackers. Putin simply laughed in response:

"I read these reports. Even in these reports there is nothing concrete, there are only assumptions and conclusions based on assumptions ... You know, if something concrete, if specifically, then there will be a subject of discussion. As in one organization in which I used to work, they said: addresses, appearances, surnames. Come on, where is this all?

What are the fingerprints? Hoof prints, tell me, horns. What kind? Whose these prints? IP-addresses can generally come up. You know how many specialists, they will do so that your children sent your home address, your youngest child of three years old, your three-year-old girl committed an attack. Such specialists are in the world today in the sphere of these technologies, that they will think up anything you want, then they will accuse anyone.

This is not evidence, it's an attempt to shift from a sick head to a healthy this problem. "

About the sick head, that is, the democrats and the wider American supra-party elite, Putin spoke the other day and in an interview with "Figaro", and on Friday developed this theme:

"And the problem is not in us, the problem is inside American politics. The Trump team proved to be more effective during the election campaign. I myself sometimes thought: well, the man is too kinky. Honest, really. But it turned out that he was right that he found an approach to those groups of the population, to those groups of voters on which he made a bet. And they came and voted for him. And the other team miscalculated. We do not want to admit this mistake ... It's easier to say that we are not to blame, it's the Russians who are to blame ...

This generally reminds me of anti-Semitism - the Jews are to blame for everything. You see, he's a jerk, he can not do anything - the Jews are to blame. But we know what these moods lead to - they do not end well with anything good. You just have to work, think about how to correct your mistakes. "

Work on the bugs the American elite is not yet holding. Instead, she leaves no hope of substituting Trump (that is, making him change politics - which is incredible) or continuing to block his work. At the same time, everyone understands that it is impossible to keep an entirely false theme of "Russian intervention" in the top of news for an indefinite period of time. Scandal with hackers have been twisting since last fall, and Flynn's theme since January. There is no evidence of anything reprehensible in either case.

On Friday, Putin ridiculed the claims against Flynn and our Ambassador in Washington Kislyak when he answered the question about the publications that appeared the day before that the Trump administration was going to weaken sanctions in the first days after the inauguration of the president:

"No, there were no agreements. They did not even come to the projectile ... Well, this is nonsense. It is not clear where the people who spread this information came from. Just some kind of disaster: our ambassador met with someone. What am I supposed to do? This is his job, he gets money for this. He must meet, discuss current affairs, negotiate. What is he supposed to do there? Go to all sorts of institutions, or something, for the visit of which he is thrown out of work? No. It's his job. And he is accused of having met someone. Well, are you completely out of your mind, or what? It's the diplomatic service.

I looked, the assistant then president Trump dismissed, that he was accused of that they with someone there about something agreed. You know - I'm telling you, but those who take a different position, they will not believe me - but I just did not even know anything about it. Who did they meet there? What did they talk about? Yes, nothing was said, just general words that we need to think about how to build relationships. And what, you do not need to think about how to build relationships? Nothing concrete, just zero, zero, nothing at all. It's amazingly simple. "

"It's just some sort of hysteria, and you can not stop it. A tablet, or something, you need to give you some. Is there a tablet from someone? Give the tablet some. "

On Friday, Putin basically repeated his position on what is happening in the US - but he did it in a tough and imaginative way, playing up to Trump. This is currently the Russian-American relationship - in the planned blows that the two presidents are inflicting, each on their part, on those forces that are trying to block the activities of the most unusual president in US history. And as far as he can, Putin helps Trump break through the resistance of the losers.

At the same time, if Putin's actions trigger sympathy, then part of the European leaders Trump worried, if not angry. However, Putin is inclined to explain the attitude, for example, Merkel to Trump is not at all statements of the new American president. This is how Putin commented on the recent loud statement by the German Chancellor that Germany and Europe should now take their fate into their own hands:

"I do not want to offend anyone, but what Mrs. Merkel said is dictated, in part, by the long-standing resentment (I assure you, what would she then reply) that sovereignty is limited ... In the framework of the military- Political alliances it is limited officially, it prescribes what can and can not be done. And in practice, it's even tougher: nothing can be done, except what is allowed. Who allows? The authorities. And where are the bosses? Well, there ... "

Putin countered Germany with those countries that determine their own destiny:

"There are not so many countries in the world that have the privilege of sovereignty. India is such a country, China is such a country. Now I will not enumerate, there are still, but there are few of them ... Russia values ​​what it has. But not as a toy. It is needed to protect interests and for their own development. "

Any sovereignty is won or defended in the struggle - not always in a literal war, but certainly in a battle of spirit and in geopolitical battles. In the age of globalization, this issue is relevant not only to the Germans or Europeans - but also to the Americans. Trump raised the flag of the battle for the national sovereignty of the United States, for which he deserved the sympathy of Putin.

A source: LOOK

Author: Peter Akopov

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