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04.04.2017 - 08: 14

Putin revealed the plan for the eternal sanctions against Russia

Russia will maintain kontrsanktsii as long as the West does not abolish its restrictive measures announced by President Vladimir Putin. On it informs "Interfax" on Monday, April 3.

"If they (sanctions -. Comment" Lenta.ru ") will go on forever, we always restrict access to our market the products that we produce ourselves," - he said at a media forum of the Russian Popular Front (ONF).

The Head of State noted that the restrictions imposed by the Western countries eventually helped to develop domestic agriculture.

Putin stressed that Moscow will always start from the following principle: "We will do whatever is in our favor, and try not to do anything that prevents us from developing."

March 12 press secretary of the head of state Dmitriy Peskov said that the Russian government will not raise the question about the weakening of the US sanctions.

In late February, Dmitry Medvedev, Russian Prime Minister urged to prepare for what will have to live indefinitely under sanctions. "Look what they're doing and our friends across the ocean, and in Europe. They perpetuate the sanctions, they codify them ", - he noted.

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