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Putin told Stone about the importance of Orthodoxy for Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with director Oliver Stone said that he does not consider the revival of Orthodoxy in the country his merit and noted its exceptional significance in the life of citizens.

According to Putin, the collapse of the USSR and the fall of communism gave rise to a vacuum that could only be filled with religion. At the same time, Putin did not agree with the opinion that the revival of Orthodoxy is his merit, RIA Novosti reports.

"It was not I who did it. This was done by the Russian people themselves, "he said.

After the interview with Putin, Stone said that the leadership qualities of the president of Russia remind him of the character of the former US president Franklin Roosevelt, and that both leaders managed to revive their country.

Putin answered questions about NATO, saying that Russia will provide an adequate response to all the actions of the alliance. In addition, Putin said that the essence of US policy in Ukraine is to prevent the rapprochement between Moscow and Kiev.

A source: LOOK

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