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Putin made his choice

Vladimir Putin meets with Marine Le Pen is not only important in the context of the French elections. Much more important is the fact that 24 March, it was finally confirmed by the beginning of a new chapter in relations between Russia and the West. We saw a new style of Vladimir Putin: Russian president does not show more than that the terms of his communication is limited by the authorities and retired leaders of Western countries. Kremlin out of the shadows.

Vladimir Putin has always stressed, pointedly courteous in relations with the leaders of other countries in its public diplomacy. This is not only a rule of etiquette and professional skills acquired by him in Chekist past - is the recognition of the line.

Putin has repeatedly stressed that the Russian government deals only with the acting authorities, does not try to create intrigues against them, does not play with the opposition, in short, does not interfere in the internal political struggle in foreign countries. It was especially appropriate to emphasize this in contrast to the Anglo-Saxon "partners" - after all, the United States has long been hiding the fact that for them there is no difference between the internal and external affairs of other countries. Including intervening in domestic political and electoral processes in various countries - somewhere clearly, somewhere more veiled. But what else can you expect from a country that has proclaimed itself the guarantor of respect for human rights and freedoms throughout the world?

Russia and Putin showed the exact opposite of this. Although everyone understands that our country has a variety of possibilities to influence the situation in different countries around the world - in the end, exploration work at all, agents of influence, as well as "their" politicians promoted in important for them to countries of all the world powers - but very it is important that the official position of our proclaims it is "non-interference".

What is it manifested in life? For example, in the fact that the same Putin never met with representatives of the opposition forces on the eve of the elections in European countries. He could receive the same Francois Fillon two and three years ago - when he was simply a retired prime minister of France. But Putin would not have started demonstratively meeting with a candidate for the post of president or prime minister of any European country. And now this barrier is removed - Moscow no longer pretends that we do not care who is in power in Western countries. While formally, we still make all sorts of reservations, as if embarrassed to speak directly what we do not need to be ashamed of or hide. For example, explaining by the journalist the fact of an unexpected meeting between Putin and Le Pen, the president's press secretary said:

"She visited the Kremlin in the Patriarchal chambers of an exhibition of French art, and on this occasion it was adopted in the Kremlin by President Putin."

And Putin himself, welcoming Le Pen, immediately noticed that in relations with France, we "try to maintain smooth relations with the representatives of the authorities and with representatives of the opposition":

"I know, of course, is now being actively developed and the election campaign in France. We are not in any way do not want to have any impact on current events, but reserve the right to communicate with all the representatives of all political forces of the country, as well as do our partners in Europe, the United States "

The fact that the president referred to the "partners", it is clear - Russia has yet to get used to speak in a loud voice, without looking back. Putin started it in Munich 10 years ago, and in the last three years the level of openness is now even higher - contributed to this, of course, an open geopolitical confrontation with the West. And now, at the exit of its high phase, Russia does not return to the forms of relations with the West, that were before 2014-th - no, we turn to another, the new relations protocol.

The fact that a new stage is beginning, became clear last month, when one of the leaders of the "Alternative for Germany" Frauke Petri arrived in Moscow. She was invited for regional cooperation - but everyone realized that the arrival of the head of Germany's main opposition party in Russia is an extraordinary event. Indeed, Eurosceptics and antiglobalists from the "Alternative" are a nightmare for the systemic parties of the FRG - they were formed from below, mainly from among the supporters of Christian democrats, they say what they think and act as counter-elite force. As those who are branded in the West as "populist", "extreme right" and "radical" - but can no longer stop the growth of their popularity. In the elections to the Bundestag this fall, "Alternative" will take more than 10% - and will become a parliamentary party. In the meantime, Frauke Petri was received in the State Duma - Volodin met with her, although formerly the "alternatives", and the Russian authorities practically avoided contacts (in order not to let the "agents of the Kremlin" see the party in the party).

And shortly thereafter, arriving in Moscow Marine Le Pen - the most popular candidate for the French presidency. Before the election less than a month - and that she was in favor of the normalization of relations between the two countries, everyone knows how in our country and in France. Le Pen is not the first time in Moscow, and the meeting in the State Duma on the speaker level she was before - and this time, she met with Volodin. But then followed a meeting with Putin is a completely different game.

The decision to start which took Vladimir Putin. Its so long demonized in the West for a long time called the most powerful man in the world - now he decided to stop arguing with that. Seriously speaking, Putin did after 2014 year was not just the most powerful man in the world, but also the most popular. And now he begins to use it.

This popularity is not among all mankind as a whole - and there are no political figures who would equally be idols for the inhabitants of England, Somalia and Peru. Even the most fully untwisted Pope or Dalai Lama are not authorities for all. The enormous popularity of Mandela or Fidel Castro was associated with decades of their struggle - one for the rights of the blacks, the second against American imperialism - but not with the weight and authority of their states. Putin is pursuing the interests of Russia - and the enormous historical influence of our country (which has been in the center of world events for the last two centuries) also helps to increase its personal authority. Putin is making Russia stronger - and the growing Russia is stronger than Putin.

As a result, in the world today is really no political leader, comparable to Putin's credibility and popularity - both because the world's "leaders" was crushed, and because Putin has acquired a great experience.

Most Chinese people and a considerable part-trampistov Americans respect Putin, and for the same thing - because he boldly and firmly defends the interests of his country. And Putin is popular among a significant part of politically active citizens of the West, those who do not like globalization, multiculturalism, sexless, nationless and corrupt local "elite" - among French Catholics and the Italian right, among the defenders of the traditional family and the natural values. And now it will be to use it.

Of course, these changes are caused by the fact that he entered the West increased turbulence stage - there has deteriorated intra-elite struggle is a real battle between globalists and nationalists, and stand now would be very disadvantageous for the Russian side. Especially in an environment where the Kremlin, and so are accused of interfering in the internal affairs - first Britain, then the United States, and now France. And the blame entirely unproven - but very loud and scandalous.

Putin made a frantic advertising in the Western world, thinking thus to harm Russia and solve its internal political problems - but in the end only the Russian president gave additional opportunities to influence the international situation.

But Putin did not Lenin - he does not need the export of world revolution. But Russia is not the United States, we do not have a "global project of the Atlantic" and the desire to dominate the world, to control everything and everyone. But we have national interests, has thousands of years of civilization and responsibility to protect the Russian world - and the intention is to create an architecture of international relations, which will be to the maximum extent to ensure the security and prosperity of Russia.

In this we have many allies - politicians who share our understanding of the diversity of the world, the right of every nation to live with his mind on his land. And these politicians Putin will now maintain open and direct.

A source: LOOK

Author: Peter Akopov

Tags: Putin, Russia, Politics, Marine Le Pen, France, Analytics

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