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Putin said Russia than favorably with Europe in the field of demography

In recent years, Russia has managed to turn the situation with the demographics in a positive way, President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with employees of the perinatal center in Bryansk.

According to the President, "and no one believed that all of our programs to support the demography will work well", reports TASS.

Putin noted the continuing positive trend in demographics despite a slight decline in the last year.

"In this regard, we stand out from many other so-called developed countries, especially in Europe, where demographic trends persist," - the president said, adding that Russia was able to "reverse this trend."

"In some areas, maternal mortality fell to zero in general, just to zero", - said the President, adding that "this has never happened in our country." "Infant mortality rates are lower than in Europe today", - Putin continued.

Accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets and Minister of Health Veronika Skvortsova Putin visits Bryansk perinatal center operating unit, intensive care unit, an incubator for premature infants and telemedicine center, allows for video chat with doctors in other medical institutions.

The President also spoke with one of the young mothers who gave birth at the center. Putin asked how the births took place and whether it likes in this center. In response, the interlocutor said that the new center is happy and thanked his staff.

In late September Golodets he declared Russia made "absolute success" in demography. As reported Skortsova, Russia failed to reach a historical low in terms of infant mortality and increase life expectancy.

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