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Putin steals Hungary. Europe is shocked

Vladimir Putin's visit to Budapest stirred up the European and Ukrainian media. Firstly, all the hurt that Russian President not just quietly arrived in the countries belonging to the European Union and NATO, and found understanding and full support. And secondly, it appears that Russia is to offer EU countries very attractive terms of cooperation, which may outweigh all the talk about European solidarity against Russia. As always, suddenly found that the loot that you can earn with Russia, triumphs over evil.

And Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban struck a blow at the back of the young Ukrainian democracy, saying that gas transit through Ukraine is unreliable, and that Hungary supports diversification of supplies. Translated from the Hungarian diplomatic language, into ordinary Russian it sounds like this: "Ukraine and Naftogaz go to the forest, we support the North Stream of 2, since Putin promised us to deliver gas through it." That Ukraine for complete happiness lacked another European country that supports the North Stream 2. Against this backdrop, the decision to submit to the parliament a bill that will severely curtail the rights of Russian and Hungarian in Ukraine looks very timely, for it will further anger Budapest, which traditionally fiercely defends the rights of the Hungarian minority in other countries.

Here you need to say a few words about the Hungarian premiere, whose behavior is so saddened by European and Ukrainian media, as well as Angela Merkel herself. Victor Orban - this is such a "Poroshenko contrary." For example, instead of serving the IMF, the European Commission, Hillary Clinton and George Soros, he always went with them to a sharp conflict and almost always emerged victorious. The Hungarian prime minister is far from Che Guevara and knows well the measure, but he simply drove the IMF delegation out of Budapest, and closed the Soros foundation's branches, even though Hungary was always considered almost the property of an American billionaire. He was always at the knives with Hillary Clinton because of ideological differences, and he did not hesitate to ignore the European Commission when she demanded something from Hungary, but at the same time always tried to shake off her to the maximum in terms of obtaining European funding for Hungary. And despite all this hooliganism and several attempts to organize color revolutions in Hungary itself, Orban has been in power for many years, and Hungary remains in the European Union. This is an example of the correct defense of national interests. Maybe the Hungarians' successes are due to the fact that in Hungary there is still a nationally-oriented elite, and not just kleptocrat oligarchs like in Ukraine.

Unfortunately, Hungary is unlikely to act as a country that will veto the extension of European sanctions against Russia. The price of this action will be too expensive, and Orban is primarily a pragmatist, and 6,5 billion euros, which Hungary annually loses due to sanctions still much less than the money that Hungary is knocking out of the European Union. However, at the first opportunity, Budapest can support one of the European heavyweights in the event that the new government in France or Italy opposes the extension of the sanctions. At the same time, Hungary does not need us for this, but for a slightly different purpose.

On the example of Russian cooperation with this country, and we will build an ultramodern nuclear power plant there, we are destroying the myths about Russia. First, it turns out that it is beneficial to cooperate with Russia. Secondly, it turns out that Russia is not a gas-filling country with a shattered economy, but the country is an exporter of high technology at an affordable price. Thirdly, it turns out that it is possible to cooperate with Russia in such a delicate and complex business as nuclear power. This is a truly mutually beneficial PR, which of course does not work for the stubborn Clintonoids and recipients of Soros grants from the European Commission, but it works very well for the European business elite and those politicians whose interests are more important than Victoria Nuland's ideological attitudes.

And the last. With the coming to power of Donald Trump in Europe, all those who need to urgently and radically reform the European Union get up, so that he finally starts working for the residents of the European Union, and not for a bunch of supranational oligarchs and bureaucrats that Vladimir Putin spoke about in Valdai. European politicians grown in the laboratories of the CIA and the State Department now demand that the whole of Europe show solidarity in front of the threat of "Putinism" and "trampism" that the European Union can destroy. So, on the example of Hungary, it is clear that there will be no solidarity. Putin and Trump will shake the European bureaucracy from the outside, and such as Orban, Beppe Grillo, Marin Le Pen and Gert Wilders will chop it from the inside until it is completely destroyed. I often said that any empire that Ukraine was part of must necessarily collapse, and this time the EU, which Ukraine really wanted, but could not enter, could also collapse. History has a good sense of humor.

A source: Comte

Author: Ruslan Ostashko

Tags: Hungary, Russia, Orban, Putin, Politics, Business, Research, Europe