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03.02.2017 - 14: 35

Putin steals Hungary. Europe is shocked

Vladimir Putin's visit to Budapest stirred up the European and Ukrainian media. Firstly, all the hurt that Russian President not just quietly arrived in the countries belonging to the European Union and NATO, and found understanding and full support. And secondly, it appears that Russia is to offer EU countries very attractive terms of cooperation, which may outweigh all the talk about European solidarity against Russia. As always, suddenly found that the loot that you can earn with Russia, triumphs over evil.

And yet the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban stabbed in the back of a young Ukrainian democracy, saying that gas transit via Ukraine is fragile, and that Hungary supports the diversification of supply. Translated from the Hungarian diplomatic language in ordinary Russian it sounds like this, "Naftogaz of Ukraine and are forested, we support the Nord Stream 2, since Putin has promised us to supply gas through it." Here Ukraine for full happiness lacked another European country that supports the Nord Stream 2. Against this background, the decision to make the parliament a bill that would severely curtail the rights of Russian and Hungarian language in Ukraine, looks very timely, because it is even more angered Budapest, which is traditionally fiercely defends the rights of the Hungarian minority in other countries.

Here it is necessary to say a few words about the Hungarian prime minister, whose behavior is so sad for the European and Ukrainian media and herself, Angela Merkel. Viktor Orban - is a "Poroshenko vice versa." For example, rather than to serve the IMF, European Commission, Hillary Clinton and George Soros, he always went with them to a sharp conflict, and almost always come out of it a winner. Hungarian Prime Minister - not Che Guevara and is well aware of the measure, but the delegation of IMF, he just drove from Budapest and the Soros Foundation offices closed, despite the fact that Hungary has always been considered almost an American property billionaire. With Hillary Clinton, he was always at loggerheads because of ideological differences, and the European Commission, he did not hesitate to ignore when it is something required from Hungary, but always tried to shake off from it to the maximum in terms of obtaining European funding for Hungary. And despite all this hooligan behavior and several attempts to organize color revolutions in Hungary, Orban has been for many years, it remains in power, and Hungary remained in the European Union. That is an example of the proper pursuit of national interests. Perhaps the success of the Hungarians due to the fact that Hungary still has a nationally-oriented elite, not just the oligarchs, kleptocrats as in Ukraine.

Unfortunately Hungary is unlikely to act as a country that vetoed the extension of European sanctions against Russia. Price in this action will be too expensive, and Orban - above all a pragmatist, and 6,5 billion euros to Hungary loses annually due to sanctions still much less than the money Hungary knocks from the European Union. However, at the first opportunity Budapest can support someone from European heavyweights in the event that the new government in France or Italy would oppose the extension of the sanctions. At the same time Hungary, we need not to do this, but for a slightly different purpose.

For example, Russian cooperation with this country, and we will be there to build an ultra-modern nuclear power plant, we are destroying the myths about Russia. First, it turns out that cooperation with Russia is beneficial. Secondly, it appears that Russia - this is not a country, a gas station with a torn to shreds the economy and the country - exporter of high technology at an affordable price. Third, it appears that Russia can cooperate even in such a delicate and complex matter as nuclear energy. This is a truly mutually beneficial PR, which of course does not affect the thrust klintonoidov Soros and recipients of grants from the European Commission, but perfectly valid for the European business elite and the politicians to whom the interests of their countries is more important than ideological Victoria Nuland installations.

And the last. With the coming to power of Donald Trump in Europe sprang all who need urgent and radical reform of the EU, so that it finally started working on the inhabitants of the European Union, rather than a handful of oligarchs and bureaucrats supranational mentioned by Vladimir Putin at Valdai. European politicians have grown in laboratories of the CIA and the State Department now requires that all of Europe to show solidarity in the face of "Putinism" and "trampizma" that can destroy the EU. So, in the example of Hungary, it is clear that there is no solidarity will not. Putin and Trump will erode European bureaucracy from the outside, and the like Orban, Beppe Grillo, Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders will peck her inside to her total destruction. I have often said that any empire, which included Ukraine, necessarily falling apart, but this time may well collapse and the European Union, to which Ukraine is a very wanted, but could not enter. The story has a good sense of humor.

A source: Comte

Author: Ruslan Ostashko

Tags: Hungary, Russia, Orban, Putin, Politics, Business, Research, Europe