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A drunken Egyptian with a knife threatened the participants and spectators of the carnival in Limassol

Yesterday, in the Children's Day of the Limassol carnival, an unpleasant incident occurred. A drunk man took out a knife and threatened them with passers-by and spectators. The violator of calm had to be arrested.

On the children's day of the Limassol carnival was not only fun. One drunk man 28 years was in a crowd of celebrating people, but he came not for a festive mood. He took out a knife and began to threaten people, shouting incoherent words. Passers-by were forced to call the police.

The police arrived at the scene quickly enough and arrested a man. He was charged with violating public order, threatening and instilling fear, resisting during detention and being drunk in a crowded place. In addition, the arrested person was a citizen of Egypt, living in Cyprus illegally, reports Philelewtheros.

Now the fate of the offender is being decided. Most likely, a foreign citizen will be fined, and then he will be deported from the island to his homeland.

A source: RuCy

Author: Irina Zhmaeva

Tags: Cyprus, Limassol, Incidents, Police, Carnival, Arrest