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Dust will continue to "poison" the impression of the Cypriot carnival until Monday

The increased content of PM10 microparticles in the air of Cyprus will remain until Monday 12 February. This was reported by the representative of the meteorological service of Cyprus Michalis Muskos 8 February.

The maximum permissible concentration of PM10 in the air is 50 μg per cc. m, however, in some areas of Cyprus the dust level exceeds the norm by half, reaching 100 μg per cubic meter. m.

The Ministry of Labor asks vulnerable groups (children, the elderly, people with respiratory diseases) to refrain from staying in the open air.

Employers are advised to take appropriate measures to protect employees working in open areas.

The latest information about the state of air is available on the websitewww.airquality.dli.mlsi.gov.cy.

A source: VC

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