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The dust again covered Cyprus

The dust again covered Cyprus

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The Ministry of Labor of Cyprus warns of an increase in the content of dust in the atmosphere.

If on Monday, 11 September, the content of dust particles of 10 micron size was from 20 to 44 μg / m3, then on Tuesday, 12 September - from 31 to 69 μg / m3, at the norm - up to 50 μg / m3.

Today, at 9.00 in the morning in the Paralimni region, the dust content exceeded 73 μg / m3, in Larnaca - 53 μg / m3, and in Limassol - 99 μg / m3.

The Ministry warns employers about the need to protect employees working in the open air, as well as vulnerable groups (the elderly, children and pregnant women), to refrain from a long stay in the open air.

Information on the content of dust in the air in Cyprus can be found on the

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