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Eurogroup Working Group confirmed the progress on the talks with Greece

Eurogroup Working Group (Euro Working Group), which took place in the form of a teleconference late on Thursday, confirmed the considerable progress in the negotiations with Greece on completion of the second review of the Greek reform program, said a source in the Ministry of Finance of Greece, according to the results of the working group.

Without a positive assessment of the progress of the reform program Greece will not be able to obtain loans for the third program of assistance required to service the debt, constituting 326 billion euros, or more than 180% of GDP.

"On the Eurogroup Working Group confirmed the significant progress that has been registered with the Greek side for the completion of the second evaluation, as well as positive measures, agreed upon by the parties", - said the official.

According to him, the overall objective is the early conclusion of a technical agreement before the meeting of the Eurogroup on March 20, in this regard, work will continue next week. As a representative of the Ministry of Finance, next week the talks said to be going through a scheduled conference calls both at the technical level and the level of heads of missions of creditors - the IMF, the European Commission, the ECB and the European Stability Mechanism (ESM).

The representative of the Government involved in the talks, said on Thursday held the last meeting with the heads of missions of the current phase.

"We have already agreed on a teleconferencing program or at the technical level, either at the level of heads of mission next week, on various issues that require more work, or political discussion", - said the official.

The question addressed whether the issue with the budget gap in 2018 year, the official said. "Almost but there is a topic with energy that came with the new data not previously available to the us This is a matter of a technical nature, which should be solved I believe.. that the budget deficit in the year 2018 anybody does not cause any problems, "- said the government spokesman.

A source: RIA News

Author: Gennady Melnik

Tags: Greece, Economy, EU