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To rejoice with the rejoicing. The Word of the Publican and the Pharisee

To rejoice with the rejoicing. The Word of the Publican and the Pharisee

Tags: Religion, Christianity

"Remain in Me, and I in you," says Christ (John 15, 4). "Connect with Me, and I will abide in you." You are all connected to each other.

If we understand this, we will see how great it is. And then I will be very joyful, because I will perceive your talent as my own. And since I have many friends who have many talents, and everything is mine, or the small one that I have is yours, then what happens? We all become rich, because we are one big company, one big family, and everyone is enriched by the talents of another, and you have many reasons for joy, because you are rejoicing in the gifts of another.

Can you feel it now? Think about how many of your friends have some talent, and they enjoy it, but you too can rejoice with them! It's nothing that you do not have such talent. They have it, and they give it to you!

One day a man said to me:

- I do not have my own child, but I rejoice with those who have a child, and this is the same as if I had one!

I said to myself: "I do not think it was the same, because when you do not have it ...".

- No, the same! Because when you love another cheerfully, from the heart, then you do not feel any envy, nor ... I rejoice with them!

Someone is getting married, and his joy becomes your joy, someone successfully finishes school, and I rejoice with him. This is his talent, but since I feel one with him, his joy is reflected in me. And you know how many times a day you can be so happy? It is a lot of - just think about all the happy people who are experiencing today some happy moments.

Today, for example, there are people who first met each other and formed a happy couple, and they will go to a marriage. Now, when we are talking, there are people who are very happy, because they have found the man of their life. Now, when we say, there are students and students who left behind a difficult exam. You also need to feel the gift that God gave you, as well as me, mine, so that I rejoice with you, and you felt that: "I received a diploma, because my friends prayed for me! My parents, brothers, my confessor - they all prayed for me! »And that we all feel connected to each other.

Naturally, the Pharisee did not think this. He attributed everything to himself, and his deeds were very good: fasting, prayer, alms, everything else that he did, visited the temple. But only he did not share this, he did not rejoice in him, and his soul did not soften from these talents, he did not melt away from gratitude to God. Not like many people who, at the sight of many gifts, say: "God, how much did you give me!" They thank, and their soul is softened.

And the publican stood at a distance and said: God, be merciful to me, a sinner! (Luke 18, 13). And I have here one puzzle. And if the publican stood a little closer and heard the Pharisee? I somehow thought about this and said to myself: but if the pharisee heard him, what should he say to the publican? And my opinion is that he should have said:

"Well, do not be upset, you publican!" You have something not, but I have! And what I have, it's for you! I after all fast for you! Are not you kind? And if I'm a little kind, then I'm kind for you! That is, I'll say this and show God that I'm for you as a petitioner, I'm fasting for you!

I remember that Starets Parfenius is a Russian saint, there is a little book about him, called "the Old Man of Parfen", - asked the Blessed Virgin:

- Most Holy Theotokos, but what does it mean that I became a monk?

And I heard in the prayer the voice of the Most Holy Theotokos, Who said to him:

"The monastic schema you received means that you must sanctify yourself for the whole world!"

The greatest talent is love

In other words, it is necessary that you also acquire talents, and you thank God for the whole world. You see? The Most Holy Theotokos protects you from the thought of arrogance, that is, you must become a saint not for your own sake, but for the sake of the whole world.

The greatest talent is love. If you lose love, then though all the gifts in the world have, you do not get anything. You did not give yourself away. You did not do what God did, giving Himself up for everyone. He did not spare His Son, the highest that He has, and He gave us love. He let the Son of His Beloved become a Man, and He wanted to become a Man out of love for people, to tell us:

"I do not have anything that I want to deprive you of." I give everything to you and I want you to give me everything too, so that there will be unity between us!

The Pharisee was hard-hearted and the tax collector very kind and sympathetic, that's why everyone loves him and is called a "good tax collector", a "humble publican", as a robber on the cross is called sensible, because he opened his heart and said:

"God, pity me!" I am a sinner, I do not have anything good, but I ask your forgiveness! I do not pretend to be a saint, I do not pretend to be good, yes, I'm not good, but I'm looking for your forgiveness!

Do you know why he did all this, why he opened his soul? Because he felt God's love, he felt God love him, and was not afraid to open his heart. To open your heart and say all this, that is: "I am a sinner! I did it, I did it! "- First of all, do not be afraid. Because whoever feels that a sneaker is going to fly to him or a scourge flips, he should call some sin, he will not open his mouth. He is asked:

"Do you have any sin?"

- No, no, I'm fine. All is well.

- Maybe you have something else?

- No! No!

He does not yet have the fearlessness of God's love, there is no boldness for God.

And you, too, must first of all understand how much God loves you. However, you have the right to argue with me, because you now tell me:

"How can I understand this, if you do not show it to me?"

Yes, you're right, so you led me to what I wanted - to the fact that we, who are supposed to be close to God, should show people this Divine picture, that is, let them feel like the tax collector felt himself before God. How? Without fear, that you feel safe, that you knew that if you open your soul and call your sins, then you will only be embraced.

And you know what it means to stand and say: "I'm a thief, a drunkard, an adulterer, a fornicator, I smoke, blaspheme, foul-mouthed, corrupt, offend, condemn, envy"? Saying all this - and instead of an answer feel the hug and great warmth. And do not hear about the keys from the prison cells, nor about bars, torture, nor electric chairs, nor about the courts with the bell that someone is ringing for - none of this. One only embrace, warmth, forgiveness, philanthropy.

You need to feel God's love, and we priests should show it to her.

You need to feel God's love, and we priests need to show it. But you are also a priest in your own home and you celebrate your Holy Liturgy in your family, in the heart of your child, so you too, father or mother, must show your child this Face of God, which is an endless embrace, forgiveness and a feeling that here he is completely safe and takes it ...

Archimandrite Andrew (Conanos). Has translated from the Bulgarian Stanka Kosova
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