Today: January 16 2019
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Split in Austria: what will win - tolerance or nationalism?

Split in Austria: what will win - tolerance or nationalism?

Tags: Austria, Politics, Refugees, Europe, EU

It's no secret that the virtually uncontrolled flows of refugees from the countries of the Middle East and Africa, pouring into Europe in 2015, split the European society into two conditional camps - the first who support the policy of reception of refugees, the second who opposes categorically. And in this connection, of course, Austria is no exception.

Today in the information space there were reports that three thousand inhabitants of Vienna went to protest against the entry of the right Austrian party of freedom into the coalition government. Inclusion of the mentioned political force in the government, in their opinion, contradicts liberal democratic values ​​and runs counter to the modern European way of life.

Recall that following the results of parliamentary elections, the right-nationalist Freedom Party was in third place, gaining 26 percent of the vote. The winner was the Austrian People's Party, in support of which 31,5 percent of the electorate spoke. It is known that earlier the right-wing party responded by agreeing to the proposal of the winners of the vote to join the coalition government.

Strange, it should be noted, the situation turns out. On the one hand, the democratic electoral process must reflect the will of the people, which, in fact, occurred during the parliamentary elections in Austria, and on the other, the main Austrian democracy advocates now unanimously shout that, so to speak, the right choice of the people is illegal.

Funny, is not it? However, no matter how tolerant the part of the European, and in particular of the Austrian, society did not protest against the Rights, the strengthening of nationalist sentiments is only a natural defensive reaction, which will only continue to progress in the future.

Eugene Radugin
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