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Disclosed is an anti-Russian conspiracy in the US

US media and politicians use a completely dubious sources, to justify another anti-Russian conspiracy theory. Industry to create conspiracy theories about the connections with Russia Trump running without interruption, Glenn Greenwald wrote in The Intercept.

In addition, US Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher acknowledged - "The United States must maintain a balanced view of Russia, otherwise the country will be in a state of war."

"This must stop, or we will end the war with Russia Let's try to look balanced on what is happening", -. He said.

Paranoia in the ranks of the Democrats is reinforced, the journalist said. However, no such version is not supported by at least a minimum of evidence. Today, says Greenwald, enjoys popularity among Democrats Louise Mensch, which "dishonored publicly many times that writing about it would be too long."

What is characteristic, Mensch's opuses and her posts on Twitter are so insane that it's impossible to take it seriously, says Greenwald's article. "She decided to pour her insanity into torpedoing conspiracies about Trump and Russia, and thereby attracted a huge number of democrats who were convinced that all their critics were Kremlin spies," explains the founder of The Intercept. .

Tellingly, criticizing Trump media refer to it as a reliable source of information about Russia. But how can you try to build an adequate picture, taking into account the opinion of the person who discovered the death of the founder of Breitbart Andrew Breitbart "Kremlin's hand", despite evidence that he had died because of heart problems, Greenwald wonders.

In the same series resource Palmer Report, which is the source of "news" to many Democrats. "What is this site -? Palmer Report This is a classic example of" create fake news, "explains journalist is curious that the resource created, Bill Palmer, a passionate fan of Hillary Clinton, for which the number of deliberate dissemination of fabrications during the presidential elections in the United States..

That Palmer on the resource persistently moves the idea that Wikileaks published a letter of John Podesta are fake. This article shared tens of thousands of people. It is also very well dispersed material about allegedly rigged results of the American elections.

It has the benefit of spreading lies about Russia is obvious, says Greenwald, and is completely safe, because there is every fake his own defense, and denials, and does not follow. "With these conspiracy theories a famous herd of" new star of journalism ", and crazier than these stars, the more followers they have," concludes Greenwald.

These "hysterical fantasies" about Russia prevented pursue sound policies, but Democrats do not care. Earlier Greenwald noted that Russophobia in the US media in recent years has become a very profitable theme, while the authors of the materials impregnated with anti-Russian rhetoric, do not even think about the possible consequences of such actions.

In fact, the version of Putin's involvement in the cyber attacks on the US, which is "inconvenient even to challenge in a decent society", and has not been so far officially confirmed. At the same time the US media often mention that Putin repeatedly stated US intervention in the internal politics of Russia.

Of course, no explanations, justified or not charges of the Russian president, the newspaper is not given, but the counter-accusations are almost every day. Greenwald also offers a look at the cover of the magazine Time 1996 year with the title "How American advisers have helped Yeltsin win the presidential elections"

According to him, the use of an external threat - just long known tactic to distract people's attention from the systematic failures of the American elite, the Americans presented a polished image of the dangerous outside world, to make them forget about the corruption and improper actions of the authorities of their own country.

The Intercept is not the only publication that raises this issue. The same The American Conservative admitted that virtually all media switched from journalism to propaganda, as "hunting for Russia has turned into a favorite sport in Washington."

"It can be seen as a predictable unite Washington think tanks and the media in an attempt to bait the Russian bear ... In the heat of the anti-Russian frenzy got out of the closet the most egregious fools", noted journalists publish and cite the example of the former acting CIA director and adviser to Clinton on Foreign Policy Michael Morella.

According to the latest rhetoric, Putin recruited Trump, making it a "unsuspecting agent" Russia. It is called Morell secretly killing Russian and Iranians in Syria, to give a signal, and now claims that the alleged hacker hacking with Russia has become a "political equivalent 11 September."

The politician has openly advocated the answer "Russian intervention" cyber attacks, devastating sanctions, as well as the supply of weapons to Ukraine. In turn, The Guardian columnist Mary Dejevsky explained why the West always says "hackneyed rhetoric of the Cold War." "By voting for withdrawal from the EU, we have shown that they themselves can cause fatal damage allegedly our national stability," and why do we need for this Russia? "- She asks.

Dejevsky noted that the common opinion about the "strong and evil Russian" very easy to write off their own failures. A staff member of the Center for national interests, Rachel Bauman has already found in the pages of The National Interest, the US press "increasingly moving away from the facts of journalism and propaganda to go" - especially when it comes to Russia.

He urged the media to "reflect on the fact that with regard to Russia, they see not what it actually is, and what they want to see."

And impose that vision to others.

A source: Politonline

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